Advantages of extranet

As these examples demonstrate, an extranet can help you spend less on supplies, staffing, and other overhead costs. This approach is the most expensive. By AllBusiness Editors In: On an extranet you can instantly change, edit, and update sensitive information such as price lists or inventory information.

An extranet involves extensive identification routines and is accessible by clearly defined affiliate groups in the organization. One of the hallmarks of a business-to-business extranet is its impact on supply-chain management. For example, an extranet may allow you to provide customer-service information outside of regular business hours.

While the Internet is public, an extranet is private, and the extranet owner decides who receives an invitation to access it. Enterprise Extranet Tools Solutions like Microsoft Sharepoint allow enterprises to publish extranets without having to program everything from scratch.

To grant access to external associates, you must create openings in your firewalls. While start-up costs may be significant, you may experience reductions in other expense areas if you implement an extranet.

Extranets make business easier for your customers. Other Solutions Extranet Definition Extranets allow companies to integrate operations with external stakeholders — customers, partners, suppliers etc.

Over a period of weeks or months, however, eliminating even one paper-based process can yield dramatic savings. An extranet can reduce your margin of error, especially when you use it to give specific groups access to internal applications.

These are private portals where external stakeholders can access information, view schedules, communicate with the business, submit orders etc. Timely and accurate information. Also, keep in mind that extranets grant access to proprietary data, and this access to your information can provide another opportunity for unauthorized users to access sensitive and confidential information.

Servers are set up, programming is done from ground zero, and dedicated staff is recruited to maintain the extranet. Extranets offer small businesses many other advantages: Customized Extranets This approach is suitable when an extranet with highly specific and specialized requirements is needed.

What Are Some of the Advantages and Disadvantages of Extranets?

But in recent years, the cloud based extranet software like HyperOffice allow SMBs to use web-based plug-and-play tools to create their own custom extranets for a reasonable monthly fees.

Reduced margin of error. Multiple openings in your firewalls create higher risks for unauthorized entries. A company typically has multiple dedicated extranets for different parties depending on information needs and nature of relationship. Given the investment an extranet requires, it may take time for savings to become apparent.

Improved Flexibility Because of trends in innovation and technology advancements, businesses are embracing electronic forms of transactions and communication.

The Benefits of an Extranet

Video of the Day Brought to you by Techwalla Brought to you by Techwalla Security On the one hand, security is an added advantage if you implement an extranet because you control who accesses your site and thus who gets access to your data.

For example, because your affiliates have direct access to documents on your network, costs associated with mailing or faxing information are significantly reduced or eliminated. Increased Efficiency Because you grant direct access to information on your network to associates of your choosing, the use of extranets can improve efficiency and increase productivity.

For example, extranets for clients are called customer portals where clients can access product documents, support information etc. An extranet can help you get your products to market more quickly by making proposals and specifications available to suppliers, and giving clients and partners up-to-date information on current projects.

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Extranets

How Do You Implement Extranets?The Advantages and Disadvantages of Extranets by Julie Davoren - Updated September 26, An extranet works like the Internet in that it is a method of communication for remote business associates using their computers and other electronic devices.

Find out the definition of an extranet, and how extranets can benefit you by enhancing relationships with vendors, suppliers and customers.

Create custom extranets within minutes with HyperOffice. Try free. Particularly in the business-to-business market, an extranet can give your company an edge over the competition and save you money by streamlining traditional business functions and cutting overhead costs.

Extranets offer small businesses many other advantages: Increased productivity. Answer (1 of 4): Following are some advantages and disadvantages of Extranet:Advantages• Extranet helps in improve company efficiency and output by automating procedures that were done manually in the past.

Benefits of extranet Extranets can offer a range of benefits to your business from lowering costs, to producing faster results and improving the quality of service to customers.

What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Extranet?

Advantages of extranet. An extranet greatly improves flexibility by making applications and information available to customers, clients and partners, allowing all the involved parties to .

Advantages of extranet
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