An analysis of the characters in illumination night by alice hoffman

Although he grew up in Verity, he maintains a distance from others in the community. Children, the most vulnerable of creatures, die or are kidnapped; old people wither into death; people divorce, drink, philander, take drugs, commit suicide, abuse the less powerful, murder, engage in incest, and succumb to mental illness.

Monsters and compassionate people live side by side. Her stories are true psychologically.

Here on Earth

Dreams and other images can be haunting, and sounds and smells can evoke memories that seem otherworldly. Some dwellings might as well be palaces, in their distancing of ordinary folks. One of her favorite devices is having a mysterious stranger enter the scene, upsetting the lives of otherwise unremarkable people in their undistinguished towns.

Hoffman bases some of her works on fairy tales because she appreciates their emotional truths; the lessons they teach about human nature, love, and hatred. Her depiction of a woman whose simmering sense of dread leads to full-fledged panic attacks, brain-chemistry disorders that strike randomly, will ring true to readers who suffer the same condition.

He has started skipping school, drinking, and committing petty crimes. Hoffman uses recurring themes that follow familiar patterns, mainly because, she notes, there are just so many variations on what can happen to people.

Her murder initiates the central plot of the novel. Who, on occasion, has not sensed the identity of the caller on a ringing phone or had a dream become a life event?

Turtle Moon Characters

The key, she says, is in the voice, how the writer makes basic plots seem new and exciting. The woods hold mysteries, if only of the mind. In one novel, a garden begins producing poisonous blooms with evil names, such as black nightshade, hemlock, and thorn apple.

In part because Julian has never returned to the scene of the fatal crash, Bobby has never been able to forgive his cousin, and he remains waiting in the small area around the tree into which they crashed.

Many need to sink to the depths of darkness before they can emerge into the light. Readers recognize and appreciate these elements of her fiction because of the familiarity, and then they wait to find the twists or new ways of expressing old truths. Women give in to their attractions to bad men.

Though a witch may not wait before an open fire for Hansel and Gretel, there are purveyors of evil in the world and sometimes a long-toothed slathering wolf will drape himself in the coat of a kindly sheep.

After divorcing her high school sweetheart, she moved to Verity, where she writes obituaries for the local newspaper. Partners and loved ones are abandoned, and people die. Abandoned as an infant, Julian later established a close friendship with his cousin, Bobby.

Julian Cash Julian Cash, a police detective who trains and owns tracking dogs. She loves him intensely but does not understand him and cannot communicate with him. The entire section is 1, words. Growing things seem to respond to human actions.

She finds the stuff of fairy tales in everyday life.

Practical Magic

He takes Loretta with him everywhere, but Arrow is too wild to be let out of his pen except when his talent at sniffing out dead bodies is needed. Animals have distinct personalities and can communicate with humans.

His guilt over this incident still haunts him, and he cannot come to terms with his own past.

Illumination Night Book Summary and Study Guide

Children are abused by wicked adults and sometimes rescued by forces of good. Hoffman notes that all of her characters contain a bit of herself, that she writes emotional autobiography rather than using actual events in her life.

Hoffman often lulls readers by beginning her stories simply, with characters seeming to live perfect lives; but the asp is in the garden, ready to change things.

Some evolve, some never recover. She has moved to Verity and taken on a false identity to escape her former husband, Randy, who wants to claim custody of their daughter. Her works grow from her belief that the greatest reality is in fiction, that all lives contain elements of fantasy.

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Alice Hoffman Critical Essays

Alice Hoffman is the author of more than thirty works of fiction, including The Rules of Magic, The Marriage of Opposites, Practical Magic, The Red Garden, the Oprah’s Book Club selection Here on Earth, The Museum of Extraordinary Things, and /5.

Her 11th novel is Hoffman's best since Illumination Night. Again a scrim of magic lies gently over her fictional world, in which lilacs bloom riotously in July, a lovesick boy's elbows sizzle on a.

Illumination Night focuses on six main characters: a couple (Vonny and Andre) who is facing marital problems, their son (Simon) who has trouble growing, their elderly next door neighbor (Mrs.

Renney), her granddaughter (Jody), and a giant (Eddie). Alice Hoffman may be the most uneven writer in America. A trip through her enormous body of work — for adults and young people — is a jarring ride, from the loveliness of “Illumination Night.

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An analysis of the characters in illumination night by alice hoffman
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