An analysis of the collector by john fowles

A book for the beach: The Collector by John Fowles

He buries her corpse in the garden. An analysis of the collector by john fowles tries to escape several times, but Clegg stops her.

The Collector Characters

This worship is further evident in another of her diary entries, when, just like Clegg, Miranda allows herself to fantasize about the future; turning even G. We go on collecting pop music, techno gadgets, houses, cars, spouses, designer clothes, with no question or investigation as to why.

Theatre] produced the play at The Space from 3—14 March But then… it was like waking up out of a bad dream. As you can see, Frederick Clegg endured many great losses as a child; he never felt real love from his mentors and never really received any affection from them either.

After all, if you remove free will, what else is there in life? Key ideas about the characters and their relationship He believes that he can build a parallel world for himself and Miranda, where they can live happily together as husband and wife.

The Collector

I could never stand to look at an ugly painting in my home just because it was worth money, nor could I ever live with myself if I hoarded Picassos or Bacons or Kirchners purely for my own benefit. It was this kind of event that Fowles had experienced in a dramatic way, and with that being said it is clear that, being so evident in the storyline, it had a major influence on the novels construction.

Clegg repeats that what is happening is not his fault. He holds a common disregard for social rules, norms and cultural codes, as well as an indifference to the rights and feelings of others; all of which are the common characteristics of a person of sociopathic nature.

They want everyone to see, hear, taste, feel, and enjoy that beauty so that others lives may be enriched as well. Never has freedom tasted so exquisite! Foolproof…Violence is no good. However, when she wakes up, she confronts him with his actions.

Her struggle to see a last ray of sun even on her death bed stands proof of how much she suffered in the dark room, illuminated only by artificial light. This clearly shows that he is unable to admit to himself that he is abnormal in a sexual sense.

The outcome of this event would change his life dramatically, and it would result in his great resentment to the few vs. But, as he says, with a lot of money, there are no obstacles.

In the novel, this notion came in the form of art student Miranda; a young girl who too rejected and openly criticized the class from which she came. She decides that her time spent in captivity has changed her for the better. We all have something that is dear to our heart.

But it will be like being in a gale of light, after this black hole. He is convinced that Miranda will start to love him after some time. Archived from the original on 29 October Not love it, not understand it, just possess it.

However, as disappointing as I believe the ending was, I do believe Fowles was successful in writing his conclusion; it essentially tied up any important loose ends and leaves a significant impact on the reader.

He lives in a world of dreams and fantasies, unconsciously influenced by popular TV shows and movies. As you can see, the author has used the different perspectives to tell two different takes on the same story, each take being influenced by the narrative characters own opinions, ideas and attitudes.John Fowles is a well-known British author ( – ) who has dedicated his life to the world of literature.

The Collector Summary

His first novel, The Collector, published inhas been reprinted several times and has been translated into many languages, thus proving that Fowles’s early works are still of interest to the public. The Collector is the debut novel by English author John wrote it between November and March It was adapted as a.

John Fowles () was educated at Oxford and subsequently lectured in English at universities in Greece and the UK. The success of his first novel, The Collector, published inallowed him to devote all his time to writing/5(36).

This one-page guide includes a plot summary and brief analysis of The Collector by John Fowles. The Collector, English author John Fowles’s debut novel (), was released as a feature film in the year under the same title.

The Collector study guide contains a biography of John Fowles, literature essays, quiz questions, major themes, characters, and a full summary and analysis.

An Analysis of ‘The Collector’ by John Fowles

Analysis and discussion of characters in John Fowles' The Collector.

An analysis of the collector by john fowles
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