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Each time they talk to each other, the more they seem to reveal to each other and come to some sort of understanding.

However Evans shows that he values the law and justice system much more than Wade, while Wade continuously drops explanations as to why he thinks his way of life is justified. Even though Wade was very outnumbered he still managed to pull a fast one, a sure sign of how manipulating these wild west outlaws truly were.

He was a man that traveled around and just took what he thought he deserved. At the end Dan and Ben began to trust each other and Ben knowing that he had escape of Yuma prison before, decides to help Dan by willingly getting in the train to go to prison.

After setting up camp for the night and falling asleep, they all woke up to Wade killing the guardsmen that was supposed to be keeping an eye on him while Ben wade essay slept.

That night when they stop to set up camp they suddenly have fire opened up on them. Throughout the movie both Evans, the poor rancher, and Wade, the ruthless outlaw, show what they care about and value.

Evans was a family man that did everything his could to take care of and support his family but unfortunately fell short one too many times. While Wade and Evans did not agree on most issues some of their deepest values were similar.

Due to Evans extreme poverty he accepts the nearly impossible job of escorting Wade to the 3: While this film does touch on history it focuses more on the relationships between the out-law Ben Wade and the poor rancher Dan Evans.

Evans saves Wade from being electrocuted from other people that hated him. Wade actually goes willingly and actually helps Evans take him to the station.

While watching the movie its obvious that there are many conflicting relationships between father and son, husband and wife, good versus evil, and upper class versus lower class depicted in this movie and all of these relationships are shown during the old western days.

After that horrifying night, and losing one of their men, the next day Wade tries to pull another smooth move and ends up having everyone at gunpoint in attempt to get away. Along their journey they cross paths with angry Native Americans and grisly railroad foremen.

From that moment on you see an intense strain on the relationship between Dan and his oldest son William. Evans tries to kill them, but he is badly wounded. These are important questions to ask yourself, especially when placing yourselves in the shoes of a man living in the Wild West.

This agreement leads to many trials and terrors along the way to the train station. Russell Crowe and Christian Bale.

During the gunfight Wade manages to sneak away and takes all the horses with him. The crew finally reached the reservation where they are holding Ben, but the indians do not want to release Ben to them, so a gunfight breaks out and in turn makes the Doctor a victim as he died of a gunshot wound.

Upon reaching the town, McElroy received help from the Doc while Dan told the Marshall what had happened. Wade saves him, arms himself, and kills the remaining attackers. Wade seems to have this moral conflict going on internally.

In the old western days it always seems that the man with the most money or the fastest gun was the man in charge. He then kneels down to have a moment with Evans. Then Dan starts going through the town shooting everyone in sight and dodging as many bullets as he can.

It also gave many more insights to how people and towns operated in the Old West. Wade probably used to be a good man, but with the demands of the world he decided to stop playing by the rules.

These tough men and women of the west went through treacherous conditions and fights just to survive and continue to provide for their families. I guess even in some of the biggest outlaws there still lies a heart.

Taking Wade to Yuma was his chance to prove his manhood. He makes decisions and only kills certain men in the group, leaving the others alive. The next day the Dan Evans and his two sons went out searching for their herd that had been scared off by the fire.

Essay #3 – 3:10 to Yuma

That he potentially is making these decisions because they are helpless people who he does not think deserves death. Then there were the gunslingers that would just take what they wanted by force and fear.

I think that through the unraveling of the movie we see that the only real difference between Evans and Wade was the difference of level of self worth.

Each time Wade escapes Evans catches up to him and takes him back under captivity. They would normally stake out the perfect carts that were being transported from big towns to other towns. After Wade and his crew rode into town, Wade was arrested. Wade also has a similar value.Essay 3 – to Yuma.

Kiah M. Brown. English Professor Taylor. 30 April As the story unfolds Dan Evans and his two sons witness the Pinkerton Stagecoach robbery by Ben Wade. Dan Evans rescues the only survivor and heads into the small town of Bisby.

Due to Evans extreme poverty he accepts the nearly impossible job of. Dan Evans represents the same type of person as Ben Wade.

The difference is that there is more of a respect for family, family values and protecting what his rightfully Midterm Essay On To. Ben Wade, Outlaw of the Year In the western film, to Yuma, Dan Evans, an impoverished rancher, takes on the challenge of transporting Ben Wade, a notorious outlaw, to the to Yuma train in Contention after he robbed a.

Apr 30,  · Danielle Brockman Professor Stacy English 12 April to Yuma Produced in was a popular Western film based out of Arizona called ‘ To Yuma’, starring Russell Crowe as famous outlaw, Ben Wade and Christian Bale as rancher and Civil War veteran, Dan Evans. Wade was a mischievous and down right.

Apr 10,  · Essay Three: To Yuma 10 Apr. I decided to use the movie to Yuma for my essay number three.

Essay 3 – 3:10 to Yuma

I am not really sure about it, because I really don’t know yet if I will have enough information about how the movie relates to the West theme, so I don’t know if I will change it later.

while trying to clear up issues about. Jessica Woodring English Online Professor Stacy Taylor 27 April to Yuma The overall storyline of to Yuma was about an honest homesteader named Dan Evans and a few other men trying to get an outlaw named Ben Wade to a prisoner train that would take him to the Yuma prison.


Ben wade essay
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