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Bmi Global assumptions ……………………………………………………………………. However, we expect measures to be taken to achieve greater macroeconomic stability, including a reduction of official growth targets, a shift in monetary policy towards inflation targeting and increased exchange rate flexibility. Hence, we maintain our 90 out of rating for Vietnam in the policy continuity sub-category of our shortterm political risk ratings.

While public expressions of discontent have so far been limited, slower growth and high inflation pose a threat to stability in the near term. While the SBV could yet again revert to dollar rationing, we believe a downward adjustment of the dong, through a widening of the trading band, will be needed in order to bring the official exchange rate in line with market conditions and arrest the drop in foreign-exchange reserves.

We expect the SBV to raise the Vietnam base rate by bps to This quarter, we have reduced our new vehicle sales forecasts slightly, now forecasting A more marked effect will be coming from a slowdown in private consumption growth as credit conditions are tightened.

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We expect a redirection of economic and monetary policy to aid a stabilisation of inflation at around 6. Industry SWOT Analysis Analysis of the major strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats within the food, drink and mass grocery retail sectors and within the broader political, economic and business environment.

To police this immense body of content, the government regulates internet content and usage through a variety of technical and legal means, but users are constantly TABLE: This will raise criticism of economic policy at the 11th National Congress in Januarybut we expect the market reform agenda to be maintained.

As a consequence, we believe monetary and fiscal tightening will be needed in to bring the trade account back to a sustainable level. We expect private consumption growth in real terms to slow to 2.

However, we continue to view Angola as one of the The chapter includes the following elements: This is because the stimulus-driven strength of domestic demand has seen the trade deficit widen to a level in excess of capital inflows in lateforcing the SBV to draw down its foreign-exchange reserves to uphold dollar liquidity.

Vietnam Country Risk Report

It has been alleged that hardliners have also used the technology at the command of GDII to monitor ideological opponents within the CPV, thus gaining an upper hand in the behind-the-scenes jostling for promotions that characterises the CPV and other power structures.

A more stable political and security environment is also creating opportunities forproducers and retailers in more rural areas. The contents of the file are for the sole use of the addressee. We are, on the other hand, expecting an increase in the contribution from gross fixed capital formation from 0.

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In addition, tax breaks accorded to small and medium-sized enterprises SMEs in BMI VIEw We believe a tightening of fiscal policy will be needed in as part of an effort to rein in the widening trade deficit. However, the precarious state of the property market, where activity and prices have been supported by the loan-subsidy programme, is a risk to this forecast.

The Vietnam Business Forecast Report draws on the expertise of my highly skilled team of economists, backed by a network of in-country public and private sector sources. Divisions exist within the party between a younger, more reform-minded faction originating from Southern Vietnam and an older generation, originating from the North, more aligned to traditionally communist ideology.

With inflation expected to average roughly 9. With technical solutions failing adequately to prevent the posting of inflammatory content on the internet, the government has turned to incarcerating a number of bloggers and journalists to deter the voicing of critical opinion.

A low characteristics of polity rating Competitive Landscape Illustration of the mass grocery retail and food and drink industries via rankings tables comparing revenues, number of outlets and number of employees.

This has seen the total amount of outstanding loans increase by Meanwhile, exports were down by Add to this the propensity of Chinese investors to bring their own workers rather than to employ locals, and the severe public backlash against the investment plans comes as no surprise.

All content in this file is owned and operated by Business Monitor International, and the copying or distribution of this file, internally or externally, is strictly prohibited without the prior written permission and consent of Business Monitor International Ltd.Vietnam Consumer Electronics Report Providing expert analysis, independent forecasts and competitive intelligence on the consumer electronics industry.

Report includes: BMI Industry View, Industry SWOT Analysis, Industry Forecasts, Industry Forecast Scenario and Business Environment Rankings. Dear Reader, As Head of Country Risk at Business Monitor International (BMI), I would like to personally welcome you as one of our valued customers, and thank you for deciding to purchase the Vietnam Business Forecast Report.

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Vietnam Telecommunications Q3 Published: June 26, Content info: 43 Pages: BMI Industry View SWOT Industry Forecast Market Overview Industry Risk/Reward Index. Competition, Political Uncertainty Weigh On Investment Attractiveness Vietnam Risk/Reward Index Regulatory Development Competitive.

Assess your risk exposure in Vietnam with our % independent forecasts assessing the pace and stability of this key market. Backed by trusted data from BMI Research's 52 million data point economic forecast model, this report will allow you to measure political, economic, business environment and operational risks in Vietnam with confidence.

BMI Research Research Reports The world is interconnected and complex. Understanding and simplifying it is difficult.

Vietnam Business Forecast to 2019

Germany Autos Q4 Key View: We maintain our forecast for new vehicle sales in Germany to grow by % insupported by a robust labourmarket, low interest rates and subdued inflation.

Business. Vietnam Business Forecast to June 4, by ANT Consulting A BMI report on Vietnam business forecast issued in Q4 –with outlook to at Vietnam Business Forecast Report Q4 –

Bmi vietnam business forecast report
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