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He often sexually harasses the women at the plant, and treats everyone like dirt. Schlosser sees the rise of American fast-food culture as complementing the growth of the automobile, the rise of standardization and automation across industries, the defeat of Democratic Great Society ideals and their replacement with notions of individual autonomy and corporate deregulation, often associated with Republicansand the prevalence of suburbs as the primary unit of demographic organization in this country.

She is a good kid that is just trying to make some money to help her mother Book report fast food nation the bills as well as save money to go to college and have a decent career when she is older.

Fast Food Nation will open your eyes and possibly make you lose your appetite. In the afterword, he looks back at the relevance and criticism of the first edition and how it inspired other works as well as how the fast food industry has evolved in the ten years following the book, including its affects on policy and childhood obesity rates.

But throughout the book Schlosser acknowledges the immense appeal of hamburgers and fries. Schlosser follows this with a discussion of the Book report fast food nation of a typical rancher, considering the difficulties presented to the agricultural world in a new economy.

Fast Food Nation - Book Report/Review Example

This allows Schlosser to track, within a relatively small geographic area, a cross-section of society as it relates to food production. The assembly lines are ran at too much of a fast pace for the employees to keep up with, and this in turn causes unsafe conditions with the meat becoming contaminated with e-coli due to fecal contamination.

Along the way, Schlosser exposes the cockroaches and rats found in fast food kitchens, the overworked and underpaid employees behind the cash registers, the mauled laborers trying to keep up with an accident-prone speed rate in meatpacking houses, and then, of course, the corporate greed driving the entire industry.

Amber tells her boss that she cannot work there anymore because of what she has learned, and she Children are lured to fast food chains in a number of ways. Our families eat from the same food supply that everyone else does. He is sent to investigate the rumor of fecal contamination that has been found in the "Big One" hamburgers.

How are they related?

Fast Food Nation: The Dark Side of the All-American Meal Summary

Instead, Schlosser wants to write a history of American fast food in the 20th century that is also a history of larger social and economic processes in this country. Schlosser insists that the fast food industry is making sure that Americans remain addicted.

But it is not just waistbands that are being affected. It is, on the one hand, a very sensible subject for any treatment of the American food industry, as its buying power is vast, and its franchises are located in all fifty states. Attempting to bring in the best profits possible, fast food corporations have taken over a large portion of the production of potatoes, cattle, and poultry in the United States.

This is an eye-opening account by a very respected reporter, an account that has sparked scathing rebukes—though no explanations or denials—from the fast food industry. Next, Schlosser visits Colorado Springs, CO and investigates the life and working conditions of the typical fast-food industry employee, learning how fast-food restaurants pay minimum wage to a higher proportion of their employees than any other American industry.

Schlosser presents all the details he has uncovered in an easy-to-read style, suggests the problems that his findings have exposed, and then lets readers decide what they want to do about them. There are instances where some employees are seriously hurt, one man lost his arm, and one of the scenes in the movie shows a man getting caught in between a grinder of some kind, and he loses his leg.

They under go extreme conditions and safety measures in order to live the "American Dream" just to make more money than they ever could in Mexico. Instead, Schlosser sees fast food as a manifestation of the capitalist values that have shaped America since the end of the Second World War.

The afterword can also be read in an article penned by Scholsser at The Daily Beast. Huge corporate farms are swallowing up family-run farms. Describe the three main stories in this film. And in the past couple of decades, the golden arches and other logos of fast food restaurants have blanketed other countries around the world.

Schlosser notes that he is not interested in making fun of, or writing judgmentally of, people who consume fast food—who often, though certainly not always, are people in lower-middle or working class families. In the final chapter, Schlosser considers how fast food has matured as an American cultural export following the Cold War and how the collapse of Soviet Communism allowed the mass spread of American goods and services, especially fast food.

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Fast Food Nation

Get help with any book. Since the food item takes less time to get prepared, it further enables people to expend less time in cooking or waiting for food in different book “Fast Food Nation” provides valuable information regarding the popularity of the fast-food products in America especially amid the populaces of both the kids and the youths.

Fast Food Nation In the book, Fast Food Nation, the author Eric Schossler brings up several issues with the fast food society. All of these issues revolve around the idea that fast food is detrimental not just for our health, but for the economy, consumers, and producers as well/5(1). But throughout the book Schlosser acknowledges the immense appeal of hamburgers and fries.

And he does not consider the explosion of fast food in American to be a sign of “weakness” on the part of lazy consumers. Instead, Schlosser sees fast food as a manifestation of the capitalist values that have shaped America since the end of the.

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