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Therefore, the employer can request additional documentation. Meeting with families, probation officers, police, and other interested parties in order to exchange necessary information during the treatment process.

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Yet, two months after the initial request, nothing has been done. The letter constitutes a request for reasonable accommodation. To obtain a position as Mental Health Counselor in a challenging and professional medical environment. Three months after being hired, a city bus driver informed his supervisor of his alcoholism and requested leave to enroll in a rehabilitation program.

Counselor Cover Letter

An employer may ask employees to voluntarily self-identify as individuals with disabilities when the employer is: This means that the examination must be limited to determining the existence of an ADA disability and the functional limitations that require reasonable accommodation.

This fact, however, does not excuse either one from their respective obligations. Depending on the results of the blood test, the employee might have to take insulin. An employer provides parking for all employees. The sample cover letter for counselor will give you some important tips and guidelines as how to write these letters.

If there are two possible reasonable accommodations, and one costs more or is more burdensome than the other, the employer may choose the less expensive or burdensome accommodation as long as it is effective i. Employers must ensure that employees with disabilities have access to information that is provided to other similarly-situated employees without disabilities, regardless of whether they need it to perform their jobs.

An employee brings a note from her treating physician explaining that she has diabetes and that, as a result, she must test her blood sugar several times a day to ensure that her insulin level is safe in order to avoid a hyperglycemic reaction.

When she was hired, she was told that she automatically would be considered for promotion to the next grade after 12 months of satisfactory performance. Under these facts, the employer may ask for reasonable documentation on the need for the accommodation if the need is not obviousbut it cannot ask for documentation that the person has an ADA disability.

The employer also may ask why the disability necessitates use of a laptop computer or any other type of reasonable accommodation, such as a tape recorder to help the employee retain the information from the meetings. Because the clerk typist is noncompetitively entitled to a promotion, she is an employee and not an applicant.

What action may an employer take if an employee fails to respond to a disability-related inquiry or fails to submit to a medical examination that is job-related and consistent with business necessity?

There are several modifications or adjustments that are not considered forms of reasonable accommodation. Because tuberculosis is a potentially life-threatening medical condition and can be passed from person to person by coughing or sneezing, the supervisor has a reasonable belief, based on objective evidence, that Bob will pose a direct threat if he in fact has active tuberculosis.Dance is an art form that generally refers to movement of the body, usually rhythmic and to music used as a form of expression, social.

Guidance Counselor, Whitman Charter High School, Boston, MA Sept. – Present Provide one-on-one and group academic counseling to member student body at innovative charter high school focused on vigorous college planning and preparation. Meet individually with students to discuss courses, grades, behavior, college. School Counselor's Letter Book (): Kenneth W. Hitchner, Anne Tifft-Hitchner, E.

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Andre Apostol: Books. Counselor Cover Letter. Counseling is regarded as one noble job as its prime objective is to help people understand themselves.

Counseling is itself a broad category which encompasses a number of counseling subfields such as marriage counselor, career and guidance counselor, mental health counselor or an education counselor.


Thanks for visiting How can we help you with your career? 1) Use Career Testing to find the perfect career. 2) Is your. AMERICAN SCHOOL COUNSELOR ASSOCIATION Job Search Skills for the Professional School Counselor What You Need to Know to Get a Job WWW. S C H O O L C O U N S E L O R.


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Cover letter for guidance counselor
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