Data for statistics projects

Or maybe clustering people by interest. Then, people wander around looking at the posters and talking to the presenters, thereby learning about the various projects.

Describe the analyses you did. General Description For the data analysis project, you address some questions that interest you with the statistical methodology we learn in Statistics Besides that, we can guarantee the following: These data sets cover a variety of sources: Inresearchers found that they could use data from twitter to do just that: These techniques will help you address your question of interest.

19 Free Public Data Sets for Your First Data Science Project

The data set is now famous and provides an excellent testing ground for text-related analysis. Report on the possible biases associated with your data collection. Or how about looking for a follow-the-leader effect. Still got you covered. Check out the Enron corpus.

One thing is certain, anyways. Graders will be looking for the following characteristics: This data set was collected explicitly with that question in mind. The data set is fantastic for creating geographic data visualizations and can be accessed on the Census Bureau website.

Generally, vague topics lead to uninteresting projects. An n-gram is an n word phrase, and the data set includes 1-grams through 5-grams. Another data set from UCI: Did you use statistical techniques wisely to address your question?

Working on a Statistics Project? We Can Help!

UCI has a poker hand data set available. All this and more can be figured out with these network data sets. Someone could take this data and produce a visualization of who saw it when via maps, along with annotations of where the traffic was coming from.

What is the topic of your project? Include tables or graphs that support your analyses be judicious here--too many tables and graphs hurts the clarity of your message.

Terry Pratchett geeks dated one! Thankfully, Freebase has done part of the job for youmaking more than 1. Remember the whole Star Wars Kid debacle? Today, some algorithms are actually more accurate than human judges! If you are using techniques we learned in class, you do not have to re-explain the techniques.

Answer your question of interest. You can work with people in different lab sections than yours. We despise plagiarizing and banish it from our ranks. Launch a space shuttle? On the topic of games, for soccer fans, I recently came across this freely available data set of soccer games, players, teams, goals, and more.

After this date, groups will not be split up. Did you know that Google has a search engine for data sets? This list would be a good first step in researching what sort of data comparisons people actually care about.

The earliest recorded chess match dates back to the 10th century, played between a historian from Baghdad and a student. This would enable you to build out a Yelp competitor without requiring an active user base — you could just mine Twitter for data!

If you need a database of comprehensive book data, perhaps to build a competitor to Goodreads or an online digital library, the Open Library allows people to freely download their entire database.

What does Reddit care about?Evaluation of your data to contribute to the argument Even though there is a certain word limit set for all statistic projects, it is the quality of your project that matters most. How will a statistics project sample help?

Statistics Probability and Statistical Inference. Instructions for Data Analysis Project. You've learned lots about doing statistical analyses.

Dec 27,  · What interesting topic should I choose for a statistics project? Update Cancel. What kind of topic can I choose for a statistics project to do a survey? What are some interesting statistics projects?

What are interesting research topics in statistics? The data collection period began in for marine casualties and for polluting incidents, and is ongoing. Documentation includes entity and attribute descriptions along with suggested solutions to general marine pollution, vessel casualty, and personnel injury and death questions.”.

Use this data set from Donors Choose to determine the characteristics that make the funding of projects more likely. You could send your results to the Donors Choose folks to help them improve the funding rate for their projects.

+ Interesting Data Sets for Statistics. May 29, by Robb Seaton. Edit: Hey guys! This has proved to be one of the most popular articles on the site, so I’ve created a supplemental download on the 5 biggest statistics mistakes beginners make and how to avoid them.

100+ Interesting Data Sets for Statistics

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Data for statistics projects
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