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In public art and street art there really is no difference. Although graffiti is illegal and is considered vandalism by the law, some people considered it art because, it is a way people can express themselves and let their voices be heard. In recent news, street artists have made many positive impacts on cities around the world.

By altering the original intent of a commercial image, the final meaning changes. Cameron Mcauliffe argues that such creativity is important to the post-industrial economy Is it there any definition for street art? Graffiti on public walls and ruined building that will lead to bigger crimes in the cities.

Wynwood, however did not start out that Essay about street art. Conversations about street art could bring communities together and lead citizens to places of their cities they may not have ventured to on their own. It is something they do not understand, so they dislike it.

In addition to his stint in New York, where he created many of his pieces out of natural material, such as a sphinx created out of rocks near a dump in Queens Figure 1Banksy also brought nature to the war-torn city of Gaza by using his artistic ability to paint on the Israel wall Figure 2. Kaws is one such artist who manipulates existing advertising.

The destruction and theft of these pieces of art is a very real problem. Graffiti is been one of the largest art trends to last. Discovery is a very important part of both graffiti writing and street art.

Accordingly, these artists should be allowed to create their art and have their work protected. We are all animals, and need to be protected and sustained as much as any other part of nature.

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Graffiti art is not seen on many well built communities. They do not like it and think it is vandalism because they do not understand it. Tagging is one form of graffiti anyone can do it. The depiction of and use of nature in street art helps make the city a happier place to live in, and cheers up its residents.

Although street art is technically illegal because it has been inaccurately categorized as graffiti, it can have a positive impact on the city by connecting rural and urban environments.

In addition to symbolic language, the materials and techniques that are commonly associated with street artists also help them stand apart from graffiti writers.

New York, Harry N. Furthermore, if laws are passed to protect the artwork once it is put in place, artists will be assured of their place as the community improvers. Graffiti that is considered tagging in vandalism and may influence gangs and violence.

Street art is a subset of graffiti writing. What they do not see is it has a certain beauty to it, with beautiful colors and powerful messages. Because of the intended audience, this piece is in stark contrast to graffiti writing. Graffiti technique can be viewed as pricey art. Hosted by Audie Cornish.

Works Cited Anderson, Laurel, et al. The major types include: Some street artists work similarly to traditional artists, creating something beautiful, conceptual or stylistically intriguing, the only difference is that they want to display their artwork outside the gallery setting and in the public eye.

This important distinction he makes between graffiti and street art shows how the two are fundamentally different. For example, a New York elementary school used sidewalk chalk to decorate the sidewalks all the way around their school with pictures of what they learned about in class, specifically natural things.

Street Art Essay

As a result, street art creates a happier, more productive community.Street art has in recent years been seen as something with intrinsic value, with artist Banksy earning large sums of money for his wall stencils, and street art in Melbourne, for example, being recognised as part of the city’s heritage and culture.

The world of graffiti is changing. The vandals of the past, slathering the walls of public buildings with crude slogans and other graffiti, have given way to a new group of people who have begun to identify themselves as artists of a newly developing school: Street Art.

Typically the term street art, or post-graffiti, is used to distinguish contemporary public-space artwork from territorial graffiti, vandalism, and corporate art. Most street art contains a meaning, be it political or social, which is intended to influence its viewer.

Street Art Essay I think that for our time the street art is no longer a novelty as more and more often we meet on the streets of our cities different pictures, drawings or graffiti. They embellish the grey walls of buildings, roads, public spaces and can appear in any of the most unexpected places.

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“Street art is considered rebellious in nature and illegal in practice, while public art is commissioned by cities or property owners and is considered culturally enriching and socially acceptable”(Imam). Photo Essay: Street Art in Athens. Street Art Athens. The last couple of weeks I have heard a lot about the street art in Athens.

So last weekend I decided to check it out with my friend George who is a photographer and knows a lot about the city. We first headed out to Psyri neighborhood in the centre of Athens and after having one of the best.

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