Essay on marine biodiversity in india

Biogeography is the study of origin, environmental relationship and distribution of plants and animals. From the electricity we consume, to the fuel we use, from the clothes we wear to the paper we write on, everything has been prepared directly or indirectly from the natural resources.

Thus, it is rightly told, survival of the man depends upon the survival of the biosphere. We would not be able to survive in the times to come if the biodiversity continues to decline. Short Essay on Conservation of Biodiversity — Essay 1 words Biodiversity refers to the variety of flora and fauna in a given region on earth as a whole.

Biodiversity: Types, Importance and Conservation Methods (with diagram)

In the day to Essay on marine biodiversity in india life, human beings are maintaining their lifestyle at the sacrifice of surrounding species which come from diversity of plants and animals struggling for their existence.

Today, we have exploited most of the things that were available abundantly in nature. Many primitive families like Magnoliaceae and Winteraceae are represented here. The climatic conditions have undergone a major change over the last few decades and this has led to a decline in biodiversity.

Shifting or Jhum cultivation: Beta Diversity between community diversity: More essays like this: One of the main reasons for the survival of human species on Earth is biodiversity. The biological resources contain potentially useful resource as well.

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Construction of dams, blocks spawning and migration of fishes by inundating the habits and by changing the physical environment sometimes human cleanliness destroys the habitat of scavengers such as vultures, kites, dogs and even insets, etc. Deccan Pennisula with 5 provinces. Many plants are considered sacred and even worshipped in India e.

For example vascular plants in tropic rain forests are per 0. Our beautiful planet has given us numerous things that occur here naturally. A number of plants and animals have gone extinct because of this and many are feared to become extinct in the times to come if the level of pollution continues to grow this way.

These have their own wildlife protection programmes. However, it has only 2. We depend upon each other to fulfil various needs so as to live comfortably on this planet. Such practices must be controlled in order to ensure harmony in the environment. So it is our ethical duty to conserve the wildlife for the utilization of coming generations.

Biodiversity in India Essay Sample

Ecosystem Diversity There are a large variety of different ecosystems on earth, which have their own complement of distinctive inter linked species based on the differences in the habitat.

The isolated fragment of habitats restricts the potential of species for dispersal and colonization. Indian Islands with 2 provinces.

Deforestation has been one of the main reasons for the extinction of numerous wild creatures as well as various beautiful plants. India is with various biogeographical provinces ranging from the cold deserts of Laddakh and Spiti to the hot deserts of Thar; the temperate forest in Himalayas to the lush green tropical rain forest of the Kerala.

The decline in the variety of plants and animals would mean the decline in the variety of food we eat and this is likely to result in nutritional deficiencies.

1859 Words Essay on Biodiversity and Human Life

Modern biotechnology manipulates genes for developing better types of medicines and a variety of industrial products. If natural ecosystems are overused or misused their productivity eventually decreases and they are then said to be degraded.

There are many ways in which we can conserve it. The National Bureau of Plant, Animal and Fish Genetic Resources has a number of programmes to collect and conserve the germplasm of plants and animals in seed gene banks, and field gene banks for in vitro conservation. Ina Wildlife Protection Act was established.

Western Ghat Hot Spot: Control Pollution The growing pollution is causing harm to our beautiful planet. Conclusion Conservation of biodiversity is of utmost importance.

Diversity at the level of community and ecosystem has three perspectives, alpha diversity, beta diversity and gamma diversity.

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In areas with heavy rainfall during summer and low during winter are characterized by grasslands. We now need to keep a check on all these activities for the conservation of biodiversity. It is essential to grow more sensitive towards the environmental concerns.

But man is so busy growing and developing his own artificial world that he is spoiling these beautiful natural things. But still, the numbers of species collected, described and named so far are much less than the actual number of species present.Biodiversity Essay for Class 5, 6, 7, 8 India; Select Page On the other hand marine biodiversity is highest along the coasts in the Western Pacific as it has.

The biodiversity in India occurs in three levels. Species diversity presents where different types of living things are present in a particular area.

India on average hosts about two. Free Essay: The Future of Biodiversity in India THE FUTURE OF BIODIVERSITY IN INDIA INDIA is not only gifted with cultural diversity, geographical diversity. Dec 24,  · Find long and short essay on Conservation of Biodiversity in English language for Children and Students.

marine creatures, Seasons in India Essay. Biodiversity is comprised of the totality of genes, species and ecosystems of a region. The occurrence of various kinds of flora and fauna in a region reflects its. India contributes to per cent of global marine biodiversity and per cent of global faunal diversity.

protected marine fauna A total of areas ( National Parks, Wildlife Sanctuaries, 26 Community Reserves and 67 Conservation Reserves) have been declared as protected areas in India. 18 biosphere reserves have also been declared .

Essay on marine biodiversity in india
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