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His brother had better fortune, however, being named Governor of Louisiana while control of Louisiana was given to Antoine Corzat for a term of 15 years.

Rebuilding Together New Orleans focused its mission on one thing only: The magnitude of the challenges was too great and the task too dispiriting, no matter individual courage and personal commitment. Only a few years in to the rebuilding process, nearly all of the financing allocated by Congress had been spent.

Such a positive attitude and can-do spirit combined with the financial and physical resources provided through organizations such as the U.

Bienville, inmoved to become the governor of Canada after being asked to stay for a third term, but returned to France for a short time. The regent took to John Law, a Scotsman, as an advisor.

In other words, the task of disaster recovery is multi-faceted and extends over time from the immediate needs for physical and financial assistance in the Essay on rebuilding new orleans of such an occurrence and into what can emerge as the more difficult aspect of recovery — the long-term drain on human resources to restore a community.

I contend that without governmental assistance and help from independent organizations, New Orleans never could have recovered. Such community building and rebuilding earns for them the respect and appreciation of local residents.

The site for the town was unfavorable for building conditions.

New Orleans

Since Rebuilding Together New Orleans remains behind to assist city residents, the organization continues to assist residents who continue to experience the after-effects of the devastation.

They exist today as reminders of the French origins of the city. The devastation experienced in New Orleans was nearly total due to its combined physical, financial, and emotional dimensions. As has proven true in countless natural disasters since the s, FEMA arrives on the scene and immediately devises a plan.

The Jesuits stayed until when they were kicked out and most of their buildings burnt and the land sold. It took until March of before the party found the mouth of the Mississippi and began to travel up the river. Government-affiliated and independent organizations are necessary to satisfactorily resolve the literal and physical destruction of community by natural disaster such as Hurricane Katrina.

Nouvelle Orleans was one of the earliest planned cities in the new world. Bienville chose a site for the new city, called Nouvelle Orleans in honor of the new regent, but there was much dissention.

Hurricane Katrina Argumentative Essay

While this falls short of the necessary long-term solution people require, it does jumpstart the recovery effort. Inafter the addition of men to the town, and with construction out growing any other Louisiana, New Orleans became the new capital, as Biloxi had burnt down. Bienville, who had received much land extensions in to help with the city, was forced to sell a part of his immense estate in to the Jesuits, and give another portion to settlers.

The city ran longwise parallel to the river, with the main square to house St. Leave a Reply Your email address will not be published. The French wanted to secure control of the valley and with that all boat traffic that would use it.

The damage to and destruction of infrastructure in New Orleans, Louisiana was more dramatic still.

Infifty men with the engineers began to plot out the land. Also, Louisiana Indians, as a trading spot to move goods between the two bodies of water, had used the site. Louis and Rue Bienville. It was surrounded by swamps and in a position vulnerable to storms and flooding.

Like the Army Corps of Engineers, FEMA developed longer-term plans to restore the lives of local residents, enabling life in the city to return to its normal rhythms. Adrian de Pauge was credited for the original conception of the plan in Past experience teaches the rebuilding process will take a number of years.

We must make sure this devastation absolutely never happens again. Early missteps by the Corps and FEMA happened, in large part, because the necessary response was unprecedented. In response, an independent organization emerged to provide the necessary assistance in that process.

People need the means and require the will to remain active in rebuilding their devastated community.Rebuilding Together New Orleans focused its mission on one thing only: rebuilding and maintaining immediately after disaster struck and continuing the process over the years that follow.

It uniquely provides both immediate and long-term assistance in comparison with FEMA’s immediate and mid-term assistance.

Aug 29,  · New Orleans is an entire city dedicated to those ideas. A place like that should be protected at any cost — even $ billion — not closed down for the sake of some imagined greater good. Rebuilding after Katrina Hurricane Katrina was one of the most and extraordinary disasters which rocked the part of New Orleans in the United States of America.

The disaster left dozens of people dead, rendering thousands of them homeless. Published Articles & Papers A Decision Analysis of Options to Rebuild the New Orleans Flood Control System Carl Southwell Carl and von Winterfeldt, Detlof, "A Decision Analysis of Options to Rebuild the New Orleans Flood Control System" ().Published Articles & Papers.

New Orleans should be fully rebuilt and restored, because there are people who call it home, and anyone's home deserves to be restored. When a city or a portion of the city gets destroyed, it just does not look right. The Case for, or Against New Orleans Essay.

Jason Coleman New Orleans Recommendation Paper The Case For, or Against, New Orleans Management Decision Models B Dr. Usha Dasari We will look at many factors in our case for rebuilding or not rebuilding New Orleans.

Essay on rebuilding new orleans
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