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Likewise in the Army, cadets and soldiers often need to carry almost pounds of weight over rough terrain for several miles, both in training and in battle. On board ship, they say this kind of redistribution of manpower is not only expensive, it is nearly tactically impossible.

It has not yet been proven whether or not the female body can sustain exposure to this severe stress for long periods of time, but it is believed that very few women are strong enough to survive this magnitude of force.

There should be an equal amount of job opportunities for men and women. Indeed, it has also been exposed that women have also become prisoners of war, have been capable of firing lethal weapons, and have even operated the sophisticated systems during warfare.

Named the Women in Military Service for America Memorialit was the first national monument of its kind that recognized those who fought and died in the protection of their country. Get Access Women in the Military Essay Sample Women roles within the military have been a topic for discussion or a debatable topic for quite some time.

When it comes to being in a war women in the United States have seemingly always had jobs to do; however, there was only a specific amount of things that women were able to do to contribute.

It is not an unknown fact that the United States is in an excessive amount of debt and we simply do not have the money to pay for certain things that would allow for more equality, such as something as simple as separate bathrooms on every vessel.

Research Methodology Research methodology is one of the systematic and efficient practices that are applied by the researchers so that they can carry out an extensive and comprehensive study with respect to the aims, objectives and hypothesis of the research. Women have faced two fights when it came to the Armed Services, the first being the right and honor of serving their country and secondly on the battlefield itself.

The research methodology is an effective process because it is a synthesis of both primary and secondary research that helps in acquiring most appropriate results, where the data can be effectively interpreted by the researcher in the most accurate manner Kumar, What role should sexual harassment and fraternization play in the combination of women into the military?

Being in the military means prestige, honor, pride, and the satisfaction that comes along with engaging what is considered one of the most valiant and traditionally revered professions in our country.

It is also believed that women generally are less able to lift large weights than men because of their smaller upper bodies. Kelly Flinn have served to raise questions about military integration. The essential idea is to analyze the gathered data and observations of the respondents.

For instance, one of the reasons why women are not allowed to deploy on fast attack submarines is that it could in fact cause a breech in national security. During the Civil War, Red Cross founder Clara Barton began to question these stereotypes and why they were there to begin with.

Sex scandals such as what happened at the Tailhook convention in or the misconduct of former Lt. Taking into consideration the positive aspect, the general population and experts have been in favor of women to lead in combat units.

This lack of exposure was due to the fact that men did not allow women to be exposed to the certain fields similar to the fact that men did not allow women to vote or have a say in the government causing them to not be allowed to participate in combat.

The total population of the respondents should bebecause this figure would help the researcher to come up with valuable information from the respondents with respect to their perceptions and opinions in an expressive manner.

The debates and arguments over the subject matter of women discrimination in leading combat units have been actively observed from over couple of years.

The format of the interviews is semi-structured with open-ended set of questions. With that said just because the reason is justified as to why women are not allowed on fast attack submarines does not mean that something else can not be changed elsewhere to make job opportunities equal for men and women in the armed forces.

One answer could be money. After considering the hypotheses of the study with respect to the significance of the subject matter of women discrimination in leading the combat units, both primary and secondary research methods would be used for the data collection as the most accurate technique in order to achieve the most specific and exact data Kumar, Although some of these restrictions have legitimate justifications it still is not right that there is no equality within the Armed Forces work field.

Females in Military Should Females in Military&nbspEssay

According to these schools of thoughts, the military that practice the policies of gender inequity should be changed and improvised such that the selection criteria for combat units ought to be skills, ability and training, instead of giving priority to the gender that forbids the military from employing the members based on their skills Kotzur, Although the military is growing more and more equal over time, the inequality does still exist, justifiable or not.

However, this aspect has been opposed, where the proponents believe and articulate that strength and force is not at all related to leadership, and resilience, flexibility and survival in the warfare does not have any relationship to gender.

Can women be as good at being soldiers, sailors, naval aviators and fighter pilots as men? In this regard, the research question states: They say that this change could cause a decline in the cohesion and the effectiveness of the troops, elements that could quite literally mean the difference between life and death.

However, the research with respect to the aims and hypothesis of the study would follow primary as well as secondary research method in carrying out the research study. Although these duties were and are still important and necessary women were restricted to these jobs and only these jobs.

They are smaller in stature and have weaker skeletons and upper bodies and cannot do as much as men. To understand this debate it is important, as it is with any such discussion, to put the issue into historical context to better understand where things stand today. Inthe three service academies all accepted their first class of women.

Women in the Military Essay Sample

If the women were to get pregnant, after a few months the submarine would be forced to surface to send her home providing opportunity for the submarines location to be given away causing for either the mission to be postponed so that she can safely be let off or potentially causing a disruption in national security.

Kumar, Open-ended Questionnaire:Women in Military Essay Sample.

Women in Military Essay Sample

Women in the United States have long fought for the right to be included in many facets of society such as the right to vote to breaking into professions like the medical field and getting females elected to major government offices.

But one of the most intriguing questions of integration has yet to be fully answered. Women in the Military For hundreds of years women have been discouraged, and even denied, from serving their country.

Since the time of the Revolutionary War, almost two million women veterans have voluntarily served their country in the Armed Forces, from doing laundry to fighting in combat. Excerpt from Essay: Females in Military Should females in military be allowed to lead combat units?

Gender discrimination is a wide exercised practice that is witnessed in the military organization as well. Women in the Military Essay - Women have fought alongside men in the United States Military in every major battle since the American Revolution. The roles of women in the military have evolved over time to allow the incorporation of women.

The Constitution of the United States Essay The Constitution of the United States The United States Constitution is the law of the United States. It is the foundation of this country and the most important document in its history. As time goes on women are finding more equality within the United States Armed Forces, which brings about the questions of how unequal is the military today and why aren’t things changing faster?

When it comes to being in a war women in the United States have seemingly always had jobs to do; however, there was only a specific amount of things .

Females in the united states military essay
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