Freedmens bureau essay

These researchers will vastly increase our understanding of the post-Civil War era and our knowledge of family life, especially African American family life.

The Freedmen's Bureau Papers

The Bureau had the authority to divide this land into forty-acre plots to be sold or rented to former slaves and loyal refugees. Records show that by the end of the program, four times as many White people received aid than did Black people.

Its official responsibility was to assist former slaves, provide relief to war refugees, and dispose of confiscated Confederate property.

If the freed people recognized the sanctity of the contract—whether a labor agreement or the covenant of marriage—they would benefit from both the responsibilities and the privileges of freedom.

Each local Bureau agent was expected not only to accomplish these tasks in the post—Civil War environment but also to win the confidence of Blacks and Whites alike in an atmosphere poisoned by centuries of mutual distrust and conflicting interests. The necessity for issuing rations to this class of persons results from their accumulation in large numbers in certain places where the land is unproductive and the demand for labor is limited.

Despite these limitations, the Bureau undertook the monumental task of providing welfare services to freed persons and White refugees. Education, however, became an important and perhaps the most successful part of its agenda, as it built thousands of schools including several important historically Black colleges.

The food was distributed without regard to race.

Freedmen’s Bureau Essay

Most simply tried to do a job that presented fierce obstacles. They said that black students should be able to leave home and "live in an atmosphere conducive not only to scholarship but to culture and refinement".

In Race, law, and American history, — It generally failed to protect the freedmen or their political and civil rights from white Southerners intent on re-establishing their local power. By this time the independent black denominations were increasingly well organized and prepared to evangelize to the freedmen.

Many operated with a pragmatism that showed an understanding that the bureau was a fleeting agency. Those hundreds of thousands of documents provide an unexcelled view into the lives of the newly freed slaves. Inthe depot at Huntsville provided five thousand rations a day.

Some white officials working with African Americans in the South were concerned about what they considered the lack of a moral or financial foundation seen in the African-American community, and traced that lack of foundation back to slavery.

Henry Jones, accused of being the leader of the purported insurrection, was shot and left to burn by whites, but he survived, badly hurt. Check the price and Order Now!Freedmen’s Bureau Act of The Freedmen’s Bureau was a government agency enacted March 3, The purpose of this organization was to aid and protect the newly freed slaves in the south after the Civil War.

Freedmen’s Bureau Essay During the short-lived Reconstruction period after the Civil War, the task of rebuilding the economic and social infrastructure of the South was assigned to the Bureau of Refugees, Freedmen, and Abandoned Lands.

Freedmen's Bureau

Free Essay: The role of the Freedmen Bureau in African-American development during the Reconstruction era has been a polarizing topic since the Bureau’s. Susan Elizabeth Blow opened the first successful kindergarten center.

It was the first educational opprotunity for young children of the public of Missouri. Freedmen's Bureau, in U.S. history, a federal agency, formed to aid and protect the newly freed blacks in the South after the Civil War.

Established by an act of Mar. 3,under the name bureau of refugees, freedmen, and abandoned lands, it was to function for one year after the close of the war. This sample Freedmen's Bureau Essay is published for informational purposes only. Free essays and research papers READ MORE HERE.

Freedmens bureau essay
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