Hunter college creative writing checklist

Students may choose from among the following English courses: Hunter offers both undergraduate and graduate degrees and enrollsmore than 22, students, making it the largest senior college in CUNY. Details of the graduate programs are available in the graduate catalog, at the Hunter College Welcome Center Room North Buildingin the offices of the deans of each area, in the Wexler Library and on the Web at www.

Please use the Creative Writing checklist to help plan and monitor your progress in the major. If circumstances prevent your recommender from submitting a letter electronically, we will accept the letter in paper form mailed to: Students may choose from the List of Eligible Courses and Departments.

You can plan your course of study using the Creative Writing Checklist. This deadline is firm.

After successfully completing English with a grade of B or higher, students take three more creative writing workshops from the following, at least one of which must be a level-II workshop: The 3 credits earned from English count toward the 30 credits required for the major.

Five Required Literature Courses 15 credits 1. Anglo-Saxon Literature to Romanticism 2. Translated work will not be accepted. If you wish to take a level course in another department that is not on the list, you must get prior written approval from an English advisor and, in some cases, from the department offering the course.

Students may repeat Level-II workshops once for credit. MFA Program Application Requirements Checklist Statement of Purpose Please provide a one- or two-page single-spaced statement describing the reasons you are undertaking graduate work and explaining your academic interests as they relate to your undergraduate study and professional goals.

Undergraduate Catalog 2010-2011

Students with double majors may apply the course to one of those majors, but not both. Once you submit your application, you will receive a confirmation email.

Successful completion of such a course may also, if arranged beforehand, qualify as an Honors course. Students take college courses at Hunter during their junior and senior years. One course chosen from the following courses in American Literature: Please proofread your materials carefully.

Poetry and Fiction — See the Department web page each semester for current information. Early Texts to the 18th Century 2. Theory and Practice of Expository Writing.

Graduate Program Application Checklists

Please do not postpone submitting your application while waiting for us to receive all three of your letters. The college seeks to help its students broaden their outlook on the world, achieve success in their chosen professions and fulfill their personal, academic and civic potential.

Students read submissions, plan special issues and assume other editorial and administrative responsibilities.Below are the guidelines for the Creative Writing concentration for students who declared the major between September 1, and August 27, You can plan your course of study using the Creative Writing Checklist.

Tuition & Expenses

HUNTER COLLEGE Park Ave. Faculty from the Silberman School of Social Work at Hunter College and two of Afghanistan’s leading universities, Kabul University and Herat University, came together in Cairo, Egypt last month for the third “Study Tour” of the Hunter College/Kabul University/Herat University Counseling Degree Partnership – a one-of-a-kind global partnership in social work education.

Hunter Jonakin is a multimedia artist and educator. He has shown work at MOCA Tuscon, Zadok Gallery in Miami, Museum Hilversum in the Netherlands, and Family Business in New York.

Graduate Program Application Checklists This is a checklist to help you complete your MA or MFA application to the Office of Graduate Education & Research and the Department of English.

Candidates who submit incomplete files are not considered for available assistantship.

MFA Program in Creative Writing

Tuition. Tuition for graduate students is based on a per credit cost. For most programs, there is great flexibility in the number of courses you take each semester, allowing.

Writing Resources

If you study playwriting and screenwriting, you’ll learn how to write plays for the theater and screenplays for movies and TV. Classes cover such topics as creative writing, script development, stage or camera instructions, and the creation of full theatrical or film productions.

Hunter college creative writing checklist
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