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Its goes without saying that the findings of the study were surprising and unexpected. I believe we should maintain the justice system mostly as is, and instead focus our attention not on reforming the justice system, but on reforming the causation factors that may have led to this woman committing armed robbery and drug possession.

It shows that because there is no individual in ourselves we react with the crowd, which means are meritocracy is guided by social pressure rather than our actual beliefs. Coming up with a good essay topic Writing an effective introduction. Some of us may be too scared to stand up for or intervene on the behalf of the victim.

The findings of the experiment indicated that many of the students acted with oppressive brutality as prison guards, and other students coward in submission. Dehumanization, anonymity, and the other ways the book describes that make evil things easier to do are ways to cope with this combination of pressures that pushes one onto the wrong side of the moral spectrum.

We should focus on cleaning up the streets so to speakand trying to root out the familial neglect and social problems that could cause this woman to do such acts. People generally like to believe that they have more control over their actions and behaviors. The Lucifer Effect Critical Reflections for The Lucifer Effect I am an incrementalist-situationalist because I believe that it is a combination of both inner traits, whether latent or not, and external pressure and situations that cause people to become evil, or turn to doing evil deeds.

The honor code changes in our minds to adjust to our current situation and what we believe is acceptable at that moment. In that mock prison, some of the students were prisoners and others were guards.

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Our grades determine how smart we are, and not our willingness to work or other positive traits. This way, when the causation factors are gone, those punished by the justice system will Lucifer effect refective essay fewer, those few who are truly evil in some way. According to Philip Zimbardo, the character or personal nature of an individual plays less of a role in the influence moral environment of an individual than people understand.

Some of us may simply want our reward for following orders. At the time, I saw these warnings as the over-protective ramblings of a worried mother. Academic success is marked by our achievements and not who we are. One area of his focus is the aforementioned torture incidents that occurred in the Middle East.

I believed that no one who was truly sure of who they were as a person could be influences by any one or any situation. The pledges are punished simply for wanting in, and they can fail. There are many possible factors besides authority that may influence us to do so. Others still may believe that if everyone else is doing it, then it may be ok for us to do it.

As opposed to evaluating the classical works as it related to this assertion, Zimbardo examines acts of brutality conducted by one human being against another, which have occurred within the last century.

According to Zimbardo, this is what makes cross the line of evil and wrong so appealing to people and why they wander in that direction. As a young child, I can recall my mother cautioning me about being mindful of the company that I keep.

The findings of this study may not have been strong enough to show that environment plays as strong a role as Zimbardo suggests, but is does show that social environment has an impact that a degree that cannot be ignored. I see those warnings as having far greater merit that I did before.

No one wants to think that their environment can have such a profound impact on who they are and the actions that they choose to engage in because it can be perceived as a lack of strength and self-awareness.

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Some may have latent traits that would be brought out in such a situation. This is accomplished via the introduction and evaluation on the role that environment plays. We use all these reasons to avoid accepting responsibility for our actions quite often in daily life, and the results of this experiment would likely be no different.

As a social psychologist, he posits that social context is what actually influences moral character. I now see this perception challenged in the findings of the aforementioned study. Zimbardo conducted an experiment known as the Stanford Experiment in which he selected college students and created a mock prison.

Our ideas about ownership, property, and wealth are what define us, rather than our individual personalities and beliefs.Essays in Philosophy Volume 14 Issue 2Cartesian Virtue and Freedom Article 15 July Review of "The Lucifer Effect.

Understanding How Good People Turn Evil" Maximiliano E. Korstanje. Full text of "The Lucifer Effect Understanding How Good People Turn Evil (ISBN 1 3)" See other formats. The Lucifer Effect Essay.

Words Mar 19th, 4 Pages. Devil within Sometimes we wonder why people do things. Is it because they were forced to? Maybe they were pressured into it, or maybe they thought it was the right thing to do. In the book The Lucifer Effect by Philip Zimbardo he studies the psychological motives of humans and.

Lucifer Effect Paper Chloe Chen Psychology Lucifer Effect Paper Prepare a page book report on the Lucifer Effect. You are to apply what you’ve learned about Social Psychology throughout the paper—please cite your sources properly.

The Lucifer Effect. Paper instructions: Psychology Lucifer Effect Paper. Description of Paper Assignment. Prepare a page book report on the Lucifer Effect. You are to apply what you’ve learned about Social Psychology throughout the paper—please cite your sources properly.

The Lucifer Effect is organized in Mini Chapters to structure Zambardo’s writing. In the beginning of the essay, Zambardo states the Lucifer Effect is his way to understand what happens in the time a good person does an evil act.

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Lucifer effect refective essay
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