Newspaper articles about stem cell research

Such scarring occurs during a cardiac event such as a heart attack, and can increase the chances of further heart failure.

The Case Against Stem Cell Research Opponents of research on embryonic cells, including many religious and anti-abortion groups, contend that embryos are human beings with the same rights — and thus entitled to the same protections against abuse — as anyone else.

But 36 months after receiving the stem cell treatment all are still alive, and none have suffered a further cardiac event such as a heart attack or stroke, or had any readmissions for cardiac-related reasons.

They believe life starts at the moment of conception, when a sperm Newspaper articles about stem cell research an egg, since a distinct organism has come into being.

In order to provide Fox News Web site users with a better understanding of the ethical and moral debate surrounding stem-cell research, the editors and research department at the Fox News Channel prepared the following primer.

Retinal Cell Implant The Scientist Staff Apr 17, For the first time, a transplant of replacement tissue grown from stem cells has been shown to be feasible for patients with macular degeneration. They worry that a ban might cut off scientific opportunities "to those most qualified to make dramatic advances towards using stem cells for the treatment of disease," according to one group in favor of the research.

Krisch Jan 13, Removing a specific miRNA from stem cells may induce the expression of endogenous retroviruses that enable the cells to form extra-embryonic lineages. We may share your information with third-party partners for marketing purposes.

A free and virtuous society, which America aspires to be, must reject practices that devalue and violate human life at any stage from conception until natural death. Find out about the different types of stem cell and how they are being developed to aid treatments.

Stem Cell Research News

Stem cells could also be used to replace or repair tissue damaged by disease or injury. What are Stem Cells? Share via Email This article is over 2 years old Embryonic stem cells seen through a microscope.

Taylor Sep 20, OCT4 is necessary for blastocyst formation in the human embryo, researchers report. Some groups that do not oppose abortion are uneasy about the prospect of studying tissues derived from aborted fetuses or discarded embryos.

Image of the Day: Stem Cells Made Waves in Biology and Medicine Karen Zusi Oct 1, Since their introduction to the lab, pluripotent stem cells have gone from research tool to therapeutic, but the journey has been rocky.

Lifting the ban on research would also, they say, allow the government to gain better oversight of embryonic research; studies conducted with federal funds are subjected to rigorous peer review and ethical oversight, while private research need not follow such standards.

Stem cells

Some of these critics argue that recent research showing that adult stem cells may be more versatile than previously thought, say scientists may soon be able to derive stem cells from adults. According to the British Heart Foundationwhile there are several treatments to help people with heart failure, there is no known cure, and in some cases a heart transplant may be the only option.

Thirty Years of Progress The Scientist Staff Oct 1, Since The Scientist published its first issue in Octoberlife-science research has transformed from a manual and often tedious task to a high-tech, largely automated process of unprecedented efficiency.

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The Cases For and Against Stem Cell Research

Thus the destruction of an embryo is the destruction of a human life. Thus the oversight could lead to restricting research that lawmakers find objectionable, such as studies that attempt to create human clones, for example, although many supporters of stem cell research also favor cloning research.

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Advocates of embryo research say that the potential medical benefits of the research outweigh moral concerns about the embryo. Cell Lines Gain Cancer-Related Mutations Kerry Grens Apr 27, A screen of human embryonic stem cell lines finds several that accumulated changes in the gene TP53, including aberrations commonly seen in cancer.

The Case for Stem Cell Research Most critics of the embryo research ban contend that week-old blastocysts are not human beings, and that destroying those embryos does not constitute killing.

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Most scientists argue that an embryo is not a person until it is at least two weeks old, when it develops a so-called primitive streak, the first evidence of a nervous system.

Some critics of an embryo research ban point out that funding is already permitted for research on more advanced, aborted fetuses.Aug 27,  · Read about today's stem cell research including novel stem cell technology and advances in understanding cancer stem cells.

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May 11,  · A type of “virgin birth” stem cell could be as powerful as embryonic stem cells but without the same ethical objections, and are being tested for Parkinson’s Posts navigation Older articles. The Scientist's articles tagged with: stem cells. The stem cell–derived transplants were stable for 24 months and led to wide-ranging behavioral improvements in the monkeys.

Aug 09,  · In order to provide Fox News Web site users with a better understanding of the ethical and moral debate surrounding stem-cell research, the editors and research department at the Fox News.

Stem cell trial suggests damaged heart tissue could be regenerated

Stem cell trial suggests damaged heart tissue could be regenerated published in the Journal of Cardiovascular Translational Research, But 36 months after receiving the stem cell treatment.

Newspaper articles about stem cell research
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