Newspaper editing terms

The number of words received on the teleprinter in a newspaper is so large that if each word were to be printed, the newspaper will have to run into hundreds of pages each morning.

When a website reader clicks on an advert and is redirected to a new page. Written material for publication. Also called an opinion page. This is also why the copy editor should write legibly and neatly. Anyone editing an article should be mindful of possible factual errors.

It is not usually found in the everyday speech of ordinary readers or listeners and so should be avoided in the general media if possible.

newspaper editor

Segments of video or film footage kept in tape libraries - or on newsroom computer archives - to illustrate either 1 general events such as crowds shopping or aeroplanes taxiing at airports or 2 past events used in current stories.

Text next to or following a story or picture acknowledging its source. Feedback can also happen when the output for a given tape deck or other device is fed back into its own input. Journalism outside the established media, usually by ordinary citizens without professional training or organisational experience.

Dub - to make a recording of a recording.

How to Edit a Newspaper Article

Can also mean specifically audio material recorded out of the studio on location, either voices or other sounds such as ambient noise. A large format newspaper, usually measuring at least 56 cm 22 inches long. In broadcasting, a few words or sentences read by the presenter, telling listeners or viewers about the report which immediately follows.

Editing firms may employ a team of in-house editors, rely on a network of individual contractors or both. Longer features may be called documentarie. Information printed in a newspaper or magazine showing the publisher details.

Also, to conduct an interview not knowing the subject matter. Commercial broadcasters are usually owned by individuals or by companies answerable to shareholders.

In broadcasting, they may either be a brief insert into other programming or be presented as a block of short stories within a bulletin. EZ News — the newsroom computer software. A head-and-shoulders photograph of a person facing the camera. Usually defined as media of mass communication that came into being because of computers.

See also news value above. A single digital television or digital radio signal comprising several distinct channels of programming. The same goes for the reprinting of tables, charts, graphs, and illustrations that have appeared in print.

Also punctuated as news-in-brief, a collection of short stories or a single story presented in one or two short paragraphs. RSS is one form of feed. Have the group divide into teams: Short for news angle, it is that aspect of a story which a journalist chooses to highlight and develop.

What is the Role of News Editor of a Newspaper?

A person who presents a news bulletin from a television studio, usually on a regular basis. Keywords can be used to find words within digital documents, on web pages or on the Internet.This glossary of newspaper terms was developed to increase the understanding of the terms and from The Democrat & Chronicle’s, “Newspaper Jargon” booklet whose contents were written by Val Busacco, Advertising Administrative Assistant and by contributions from Craig Lancto of The editor in charge of the collection, writing and.

Copy editing (also copyediting, but in newspaper and magazine publishing, the term is subeditor (or sub-editor), commonly shortened to sub. across all content, as well as make sure that generally accepted grammar rules are followed throughout.

It refers to editing in terms of spelling, punctuation, correct usage of grammatical symbols. Glossary of Broadcasting/Broadcast News Terms. General. Affiliate - A local station that subscribes to the services and programs of a network. Anchor - The newscaster who hosts the studio portion of the newscast.

The anchor is the dominant voice in the presentation of the news to the audience. Producer/Editor – Plans and supervises. Editing a newspaper article requires a keen eye for detail and a strong command of how words and phrases should be properly used.

Copy editing

Among the things to look for when editing a newspaper article is correct usage of grammar and proper spelling. Jan 11,  · Newspaper Editing (8 ratings) Though we've found faster, more efficient ways of consuming information, teens may not know that people used to read the newspaper several times a day in order to stay up-to-date on the news/5(8).

The News Editor is one of the most important persons who plan a daily newspaper. His role in any newspaper office-whether it be weekly or daily-is all pervading.

Newspaper editing terms
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