Petrobras business plan 2011-15 f-250

Negotiating participation in nonpriority areas in the pre-salt layer can generate resources for more valuable projects and accelerate production growth.

Brazil must also revise its energy auction system.

2030 Strategic Plan and 2014-2018 Business and Management Plan

Following the discovery of the pre-salt layer, Petrobras benefited from the estimated increase in reserves see figure 1 and its position as the sole operator of new production sharing contracts.

In the near future, petrobras business plan 2011-15 f-250 an increase in oil production and exports, petroleum product imports, and coastal navigation, Brazil will need to enhance these operations—creating opportunity for investment in transshipment, storage tanks, and treatment facilities.

In areas where power and natural gas consumption is high, energy auctions should be associated with those aimed at expanding the natural gas pipeline network.

In Brazil, even though the market is considerably more open than that of Venezuela or Mexico, the flexibility introduced in legislation over the past few decades has not significantly changed the framework of state control.

Natural gas distribution assets, oil derivatives, and liquefied petroleum gas propane or LPG distribution assets, as well as pipelines, terminals, power plants, and investments in other petrochemical companies, have been or may be put up for sale.

Petrobras began to seek partners to invest in petroleum refining. Currently, only a few terminals have facilities that are operationally and environmentally safe enough to transship the oil extracted from offshore platforms.

Natural Gas To make the most of the opportunities presented in the natural gas sector, supplies must increase, investment must be made in infrastructure, and legislation for the sector must be improved. Due to the continued recession and the political climate, Brazil is experiencing a period of instability.

Execution Discipline and Management System A meritocratic-based management system will be adopted, with goals being measured up to the supervisory level, systematic monitoring and correction of nonconformities, so as to ensure discipline in the execution of initiatives and in reaching the goals set forth in the Business and Management Plan.

Auctions should be arranged at the regional level to cut transmission costs, and should be organized by energy source type. Sinceinternational oil prices have declined but domestic prices have been maintained. But there are several positive developments as well.

The Strategic Plan and Business and Management Plan were drawn up in an integrated manner and had the direct involvement of the Senior Management and other company officers at all of the stages of its development. To increase oil exports and facilitate the import and coastal shipping of a growing volume of petroleum products, available infrastructure must be improved.

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Regardless of any possible setbacks or delays, the long-term trend is set and it is a positive one for the private sector. Some biomass plants, wind farms, and solar parks also began operating in this period. But it also exacerbated nationalist sentiment. The environmental licensing process for exploring conventional areas should be simplified and accelerated.

Regulations must be improved to attract investment and accelerate project implementation. Downstream, Distribution, and Logistics Gasoline and diesel prices in Brazil were below international market prices between and The changes are not occurring by choice but by necessity.

What can be done to improve the business environment? In addition to greater efficiency of the funds invested, which will allow reducing the volume of investments without much impact on operational goals, the Plan also provides for the adoption of new measures to reduce costs manageable operating expenses.

The changes meant that opportunities created by the pre-salt layer could no longer be fully explored. It has announced its support for a bill that opens the possibility for companies other than Petrobras to operate in the pre-salt fields and for studies to redefine the natural gas sector regulatory framework.

Petrobras Cuts Five-Year Investment Plan

The industry would also benefit if Brazil improved the efficiency of its offshore support industry and infrastructure. After its likely passage, the return of concession contracts for the pre-salt layer should be evaluated.

Brazilian ports currently have a limited ability to receive larger volumes of imported derivatives. There are opportunities in the services sector as well.

As long as there is logistics infrastructure available and domestic prices remain high, private companies will continue to import gas and diesel. It is also important to set a permanent calendar for auctions involving all exploration environments: The recommendations in this report, if implemented, would trigger an immediate surge in investment, especially in oil exploration and production.

In turn, each initiative has goals, unfolded up to the level of supervision and with systematic monitoring, in order to ensure the discipline in its execution. Due to the expected increase in oil production, it is likely that the associated production of natural gas will rise, thus increasing the supply of natural gas in the domestic market see figure 3.

To manage the transition to a model in which private companies can have a greater participation, a national natural gas operator18 should be created, following the model used in the power sector by the Electric System National Operator ONS.

The expected increase in energy demand and the simplification of rules will expedite this trend. Authorities could also encourage exploration of deeper reservoirs in fields already in production and stimulate exploration of unconventional resources.Brazil’s state-run Petroleo Brasileiro SA (Petrobras) has approved its business plan with investments totaling $ billion and averaging $ billion/year.

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The exploration and production segment in Brazil will invest $ billion; 69% will be allocated to production development, 19% to exploration, and 12% to infrastructure. Part One Section C of Natural Gas Stories Part of Over topics.

Please friend me on Facebook Twitter. Sep 20,  · Petrobras, as the Rio de Janeiro-based oil producer is known, has reduced its five-year investment target to $ billion from $ billion in the most recent plan.

Its shares gained percent to reais at p.m. in local time. Petrobas Corporate Strategy Business Plan Petrobas Online from GBM at Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine. – Business Plan Rio de Janeiro, June 14, – Petróleo Brasileiro S.A. – Petrobras announces that its Board of Directors has approved the Business Plan with investments totaling US$ bn (R$.

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Petrobras business plan 2011-15 f-250
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