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The above paradox proved to be the major bone of contention between the two renowned philosophers. However, reminiscence and consideration of ideas were the basis of knowledge for Plato.

For example, take a young child who grew up somewhat isolated from the outside world and whose only outlet to our society is through the media. I concur with the ideas of Plato, being that the media has become such an influential authority in our society, and the constant exposure to violent behavior within the media is creating numbness to it, especially within our children, who are less able to distinguish between factual and fictional.

On the other hand, knowledge can be acquired through assumptions and hypotheses, contrary to Plato who asserted images as major component to acquire knowledge. Back in ancient Greece, the philosopher Plato believed that exposure to the emotions of the arts especially drama would encourage people to act out violent emotions portrayed in the drama.

Courier Dover Publications, Every object we look at, from triangles to statues, in our world is just a replica of the real, perfect thing. What about the movies that emulate and perhaps glorify the lives of drug dealers and gangs?

Plato and Aristotle lived in the fourth century, BCE. There are a lot of differences between the two even though Aristotle was a great student of Plato. The Man and His Work. Parents with young children may want to compare it to a fairy tale, such as Hansel and Gretel, to illustrate a moralistic point.

Plato believed in reincarnation as well Fernie. You are welcome to contact us with editing and proofreading requests though.

Plato vs. Aristotle Essay Sample

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Plato felt our world was temporary. In this regard, Aristotle is regarded as the father of scientific psychology. A number of scholars have credited approximately thirty-five dialogues; however, which has been led to several doubts and discussions related to authencity of the texts.

These questions are similar to an old saying: Aristotle believed in these forms, but felt there was "only one world, and the forms existed within it" Cohen.

Compass Point Books, Some studies have indicated that Aristotle played a major role in the subject of prescience psychology.

On one hand, Plato rejected the idea that the world felt through the brain is what is factual while, on the other hand, Aristotle contested the notion that acquaintance must be of what is fixed and static. His steady contact with violent programs which in the end, show a happy conclusion no matter what happens throughout may convince him that this type of behavior is normal and accepted.

He believed that mankind would go through a continuous cycle of life, until they achieved life along the right path Fernie.

He felt if the last level ruled, the state would collapse and be a total chaos. It is a political, and a work dealing with what traits or virtues one must have, as its whole purpose is to show that the one cannot be separated from the other.

Aristotle whole-heartedly felt that those who rule sacrifice their happiness for control. Plato supports the higher forms Gods and Aristotle supports the natural science. In each life, we may move forward onto the next stage of life, or we may fall backwards, based on decisions we make, until we reach the ultimate ending.

Aristotle strongly felt that a good citizen possess prudence carefulnessmoderation self control and justice fairness above all to rule and to be ruled. Aristotle Socrates developed many theories in regards with the political issues.

There have been many examples of copycats who have gotten their ideas from watching a violent film, but many will still argue that the majority is simply coincidence.

Scholars have divided life of Aristotle in two eras, period in the Academy and the other in Lyceum. Plato often dreamed of creating a utopian society without the apprehensions of politics and its associated dogmas. On contrary, a balanced response was given by Aristotle through his writings.

Metaphysics : Plato Vs. Aristotle

His approach to metaphysics is portrayed throughout the Republic where he talks about the Allegory of the Cave. The formal cause is the idea of what an object actually should Aristotle believed in causation. He passes these onto Plato and from Plato to Aristotle.

Plato perceived the dramas as dangerous, because he felt that they created confusion, miscommunication and ignorance. According to Aristotle, seen objects were nothing but a faded illustration of original and eternal ideas, and he termed such representation as relative reality. The last level, Artisan, is the worker, like farmer.University/College: University of Arkansas System We will write a custom essay sample on Aristotle vs Plato specifically for you for only $ $/page.

Violence In The Arts – Plato Vs Aristotle Essay

Order now Plato v.s. Aristotle ; Aristotle vs. plato ; Plato and Aristotle Views on Forms. Aristotle vs Plato comparison.

Plato Vs. Aristotle

Aristotle and Plato were philosophers in ancient Greece who critically studied matters of ethics, science, politics, and more. Though many more of Plato's works survived the centuries, Aristotle's contributions have arguably been more influential, particul.

This Essay Metaphysics: Plato Vs.

Contrasting and Comparing Plato and Aristotle

Aristotle and other 64,+ term papers, college essay examples and free essays are available now on Autor: review • December 28, • Essay • Words (4 Pages) • 1, Views4/4(1). Free Essay: By Gerard Chretien Plato vs.

Aristotle Numerous experts in modern time regard Plato as the first genuine political philosopher and Aristotle as. College essay suggestions. Argument essay topics in Sports; Essays on illegal immigration Socrates. By a stroke of philosophical edema, Aristotle became Plato’s pupil.

Consequently, the philosophic theories, which were originally conceived by Socrates, were passed on to Plato and then to Aristotle. both Plato and Aristotle. Free Essay: Aristotle vs. Plato Excellence is a function which renders excellent the thing of which it is a function is Plato’s definition of virtue.


Plato vs aristotle college essay
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