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Become a number one in customer and consumer loyalty Nokia solve the consumer problem in a more efficient way or provide superior benefits compare to the solutions marketed by competitors.

Marketing Strategy for Nokia

Nokia module is also built strongly, have strong resistible power. The marketing plan must include the business strategy that Nokia must use which includes the strategic intent, competitive strategy and marketing mix.

All the social levels of our society use different types of phones on different frequencies to satisfy their personal needs and wants, against their differences in race, nationality, religion, beliefs or income.

Every society and group has a culture, and these cultural influences the customers, behavior in purchasing Nokia products and they vary from nation to nation. On the other hand, the second strategy would be for the company to go after the non-users.

The social functions are grouped into welfare and social choice functions. In doing so, Nokia subdivides the whole market into several objective markets according to the researches about the partialities of different individuals.

The life cycle and age stages entail people changing the services and products they purchase over their lifetimes, including tastes in clothes, foods, furniture, recreation etc and are often associated with age.

This is the most important part of the marketing mix as this is the only part which generates revenue. It also refer to the position of an individual in groups hence they define his status and roles, for instance, an individual may play role as husband in family while in company he plays managerial roles hence it consist of activities that people are expected to undertake according to those people surrounding them Alba, Nokia is headquartered at Espoo, Finland.

This has the ability to affect both the primary line of the company because of corporation tax but also the ability and power of customers to spend with Nokia and its services, linked to income tax.

But Espoo, we have a problem!! In this force, the company should have well understanding and be aware of it as one of the factor that can easily change the company success from gaining to failing.

All the other three are expenses incurred. Purchasing is also influenced by the life cycle stage of the family.

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Physical Evidence Firstly, Nokia need to place and improve the sample of products in every retail or store. This is a realistic target that which can be achieved by performing of carrying out these marketing strategies.

Nokia Incorporation – Marketing Strategies Essay Sample

Nokia advertises more than Motorola. In line with positioning, the major task of Nokia here is to decide more usage situations for consuming the product. Become a number one in operational excellence Nokia have a great after sale service that creates maintain relationships such as warranties, feedback system about the products replacement and repair services.

Nokia has also included several product characteristics for accessibility involving Nokia conversation which improves message tracking for consumers relying on text communication only, more options in hearing aids compatible devices, speech-to-text deeper in sub-menus, a talking alarm, a pre-installed font magnifier, clock for customers with vision impairment etc Beatty, Nokia n70, 73,95, 76,91,72 etc PRICE Pricing includes the list price, the discount functions available, the financing options available etc.

It has explicit goals and time frames the Nokia employees can use to guide and evaluate their performance. One of the biggest threats of the Nokia Company is the cheap and the low cost Chinese mobile phone companies that are in the market, and also the big and fierce competition between the Smartphone companies which will be very difficult for Nokia to keep and enlarge their current market.

Achieve a steady increase in market penetration. Generally this factor means that suppliers have power to take control of the market or the company itself.

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Even if the number of customers keeps falling down, thanks to these economic patterns Nokia may be able to record an increase on its average spend per customer.

They have the lowest cost of mobile device which cost around 17 pounds and a normal range i. Reputation of a brand is predominately determined by the performance of its people, hence the overall performance of the firm.This is a realistic target that which can be achieved by performing of carrying out these marketing strategies.

Sales of Nokia is EUR billions, down %. The marketing plan must include the business strategy that Nokia must use which includes the strategic intent, competitive strategy and marketing mix.

The strategic. Marketing Strategy for Nokia (a) Target customers and Products: The product I want to discuss this week is the phone of Nokia. Nokia is a mobile communication products multinational company, headquartered in Finland.

Nokia occupied the world first of share of cell phone sales position by several years. This essay set up to evaluate and studding the strategy position of Nokia company and also to finding out how the new technology has impact on its strategy position.

Essays & Papers Marketing Strategy for Nokia - Paper Example Marketing Strategy for Nokia Communication plays a very important role in our life - Marketing Strategy for Nokia introduction. To get the better view of Various Marketing Strategies adopted by NOKIA to reposition itself in the Smartphones’ market.

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Promotional strategies of nokia essays
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