Star kit s prophecy re write a sentence

Hollyleaf captures Firestar while Stargleam is still gloating over her victory. Halftail - scarred orange tom with small tail nub Medicine Cat: Jayfeather comforts her and they go to the dark forest. Repsect our mom and dad. Everyone jumps at Hollyleaf and she turns back into a cat and collapses.

The original episode was posted on Feb. Starpaw yells at Ashpaw and Hawkfrost and banishes them. Dnt lie aboot yiour nieborgh. She has changed into a bear, a bobcat and a lynx. The narrator stopped watching the fight to bang her ginger head against a tree, not being able to handle the utter ridiculousness of this story.

Starkit's Prophecy

He then tells Starpaw to follow her heart and she decides to pick Firestar. ThunderClan attacked Hollyleaf and Tigerstar and Lionblaze is killed by Hollyleaf and Gleamstar makes Jazzpaw a warrior and gives her the new name Jazzsong and appoints her as her new deputy. Starkit turned toward the voice.

Tallpoppy - long-legged light brown she-cat WindClan Leader: Thank you for enjoying these important messages. Without him there was nothing left to fight for. Dont kill otters unless in batl. She deserved to be treated first, ahead of all the seriously injured cats.

This sometimes is regarded as "the most well-known Warriors fanfiction" The original fanfiction was deleted off of Fanfiction. Who cares if anyone else in the Clan died? The Battle for the Clan Starpaw wakes Jazzpaw up to go on patrol with her and ShadowClan decide to attack the camp just as they are about to leave.

Then Lakepaw howls but she is being possessed by Hollyleaf. Also, he is paired with Hollyleaf. Flamepaw tries to bury Lakepaw but Hollyleaf stops him and jumps at Stargleam. The author is redundant in repeating several phrases in several sentences.

Everything else that is totally wrong with this fic can be found here. Mistystar - gray she-cat with blue eyes Deputy: The narrator is now going to bang her head on her desk and wonder why she decided fixing this story was a good idea.

The narrator has a headache. Lionblaze then kills Lakepaw and she gets dragged away to HellClan. Characters Edit The story mostly focuses on Stargleam, a shecat with purple and blue fur that has a star on her head and eyes that change between orange and rainbow.

Prologue Bluestar and two other cats believed to be Whitestorm and Lionheart are sitting around a pool. Anger burned in her chest.Examples of how to use the word prophecy in a sentence. Definitions, synonyms and translations are also available. Write your opinions and questions!

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If you look up Starkit's Prophecy on Google, or Yahoo, or whatever you use, you'll find it. Trust me. Anyway, in this book, as the title states, will be my reaction and comments to the fanfiction, Starkit's Prophecy, my comments will Reviews: K.

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Starkit's Prophecy REWRITTEN

Kits: Starkit - a pale blue she-cat with a white star shape on her head and bright amber eyes. Sweetkit - a rosy tabby with blue eyes. Leafkit - tortoiseshell she-cat with green eyes. Brightkit- a gray tabby tom with pale blue eyes.

Elders. Apparently the newborn kit had been born with superb fighting abilities, because blood poured out of the shoulder wound she'd given the cat and he ran away, screaming in pain. I can fight! Starkit thought. Starkit's Prophecy, also known as Starkits Prophcy, is a trollfic written by user It is centered around Starkit, a purple she-cat with molten amber eyes and a perfect white star on her forehead, who is.

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Star kit s prophecy re write a sentence
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