The importance of love and compassion

Understanding the Equality of Ourselves and Others Arrow down Arrow up You see, all of this is based on understanding the equality of ourselves and others. You see, the problem is that many of us are still believing in fairy tales.

If the ways that we act and communicate and think are under the influence of confusion and disturbing emotions, then of course this produces problems. This reflects an important truth of authentic living: We usually do that by just focusing quietly on our breath. Everybody wants to be taken seriously, just as I want to be taken seriously.

And also it means purification on the emotional side, to get rid of our disturbing emotions.

9 Powerful Benefits of Compassion

It is important to realise that compassion is a way of life or an attitude, which means that it can be practised as much in everyday living as it can with big gestures.

All of this is based on looking only at their good qualities and exaggerating them, making a big deal out of it, and ignoring any shortcomings that they might have. In other words, rather than having the attitude with which we view this other person as horrible, we view them as: Compassion, along with the core foundation practice of mindfulness, is a key ingredient of authentic living, and one of the signature states of Inner Wellness.

We realize that we all have the working materials to actually be able to achieve this state, and so does everybody else.

Even the people that we find most challenging are human beings like us and experience suffering, and deliberate hurtful acts are always perpetrated out of suffering. Compassion is an Expression of Self-Realisation Compassion towards others becomes a natural social expression of self-realisation as life is valued more and our realisation of shared The importance of love and compassion helps us to see each other as an extension of our self.

Understanding compassion in this way reveals that the ultimate expression of compassion is the desire to relieve the root cause of suffering—our separation from authentic being—and not merely the symptoms of this suffering that we know as pain, distress, and hardship.

Like when you train for a sport: But, in any case, we need to try. And meditation means to build up a beneficial habit.

Transcription of a seminar, Elista, Kalmykia, Russia, April Did you find this article helpful? And, as I said, it is based on respect for ourselves. You can also follow me on social media. This definition of suffering puts the ideas of the flourishing, freedom, and fulfilment of the self in the full context of authentic self-realisation, making it possible to extend our practice of compassion to include the desire to see a life relieved of suffering and able to become authentically self-realised.

What we practise daily builds the momentum for it to become a positive habit. That helps us to be more patient with their situation. So bodhichitta is a state of — a situation, a condition — of our minds and our hearts which are aimed at this state of bodhi.

Mindfulness helps us to become aware of and to be present to the suffering by clearing our mind of reactivity and directing our attention onto the life before us that we often dissociate from.

This is what we do with meditation. What is Love from the Buddhist Point of View Arrow down Arrow up Could you say something more about love from the Buddhist point of view, especially in relationships between men and women? Like if we want to play a sport, or we want to play a musical instrument, we have to practice.

But others have to be receptive and open to help. So we do some warm-up exercises with our state of mind. And actually the problem is not just my personal problem: With our bodies, we have the ability to act, to do things.

Your positive attitude will help those around you have a more positive attitude, and their positive attitude will in return make you even more positive. My definition therefore incorporates normal pain, distress, and hardship, but includes the suffering that occurs when we are caught up in reactivity, dissociation, and inauthentic living.

The Dalai Lama, gave what amounted to a comparative religion lecture. On a societal level, these attributes help make the lives of those around us better.Jan 06,  · Sure, a doctor's medical knowledge and guidance is of utmost importance when you're receiving care for a condition such as cancer. But what is also important is a doctor's compassion, which is the.

Self-compassion is the ability to turn understanding, acceptance, and love inward. Many people are able to extend compassion toward others but find it. The suggested method for tonglen meditation varies from teacher to teacher, but it usually is a breath-based meditation in which the meditator visualizes taking in the pain and suffering of all other beings on each inhalation, and giving away our love, compassion, and joy to all suffering beings with each exhalation.

Compassion is not about attraction, or even about the enjoyment we might experience in the presence of someone we love romantically, or with whom we share an enduring friendship. It’s not about desire, either—except, perhaps, the desire to.

The Importance of Love, Compassion, and Kindness

Clearly, compassion is not the same as empathy, love, or altruism, although it does actively express these qualities. Compassion is important not only for meeting our needs of self-realisation and authentic living, but also for our survival and for sustainable living. In Les Misérables, Hugo asserts that love and compassion are the most important gifts one person can give another and that always displaying these qualities should be the most important goal in life.

The importance of love and compassion
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