Thesis statement on police brutality

The problem posed by the illegal exercise of police power. However, this aspect should continue in order to scare criminals and those intending to become criminals in the future. Sometimes police put in situations that excessive force is needed.

If you have a topic for an essay on such a difficult social problem, you might have some troubles with creation of a thesis statement for it. According to social scientists, many police officers are not trusted by their communities as a result of misconduct.

Policemen should be politer because brutality turns them to criminals. Nobody would wish to experience the incident. Systems that deal with the abuses are no longer at ease.

Studies have noted that police use excessive force to the minority groups. Thats not the only astounding number, Since the issue of police brutality is based on racial grounds, the police should be held accountable for their misconduct. Discussion Alleged police misconduct due to race dates back to the beginnings of the USA.

Violent crimes are committed by very young individuals. The use of excessive force may or may not be large problem, but it should be looked into by both the police and the public.

Creation of a thesis statement helps you to define the main idea of your future text, thus determining the supporting arguments you need to include to prove your position.

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Certainly, it is very difficult to choose a particular point of view and select the relevant arguments. The complainants find difficulty in seeking administrative aid. Therefore, it is important to analyze the disparate views on the two sides of this aspect.

Police Brutality Police brutality has covered media headlines for the last two decades. Brutality contradicts police service values because a police officer should protect citizens, not harm them.

Therefore, we are glad to help you with a list of possible thesis statements. Some officers use extreme measures when it is not needed, police brutality should be addressed. In this, what would a police officer do when they are robbed and their tools are stolen? When asked how he felt about racism being involved in police brutality, Yussuf Naimkly of the University of Regina commented: This phenomenon looks appalling, but the majority of policemen see no harm in it.

Thesis Statements on Police Brutality Examples Police brutality should be punished because people become afraid of policemen. If the incident in Tampa Bay does not show a person racism, this event might. According to the CCRB If the police were not brutal, numerous crimes would be heard in every second.

Most of the complaints filed with the CCRB were due to excessive force, offensive language, or discourtesy. Police misconduct can happen to anyone that runs into a official with a hidden agenda.

The image of the white officer using excessive force on a african american subject is backed up by numbers. Learn how to avoid plagiarism and conduct plagiarism checks for your work.

Many dismiss complaints as a person in the wrong trying to play the race card. Police brutality is among the terms, when mentioned, would draw the attention of numerous people. Majority of the police officers evade punishment after violating the law.

Four of the five men that died where African Americans, and the other man was a Mexican National. The problem is nationwide, and its nature is institutionalized.

By choosing one of these thesis statements, you will be able to create an interesting essay about this pressing social problem. For those people who feel racism is not a factor in causing the use of excessive force, here is a startling fact.

The thing is, the Tampa Bay Police Department is made up of mostly white officers, but of the five men who died, none where white.

In New York City, an average of seven Latin Americans were killed a year between tobut inthat number increased greatly. In the last paragraph of an essay, you should just summarize all above-mentioned facts to highlight your idea once more.

It is the statement that you will support or prove to be true. Introduction Police work is dangerous.Jan 26,  · Can Someone please give me a question and thesis statement to ask on my research paper about police brutality?Status: Resolved.

what is your believe in that topic Does society get the police service it deserves and does police brutality reflect a brutal society. What is a good thesis statement for barbie dolls? Argumentive Essay And Thesis Statement On Police Brutality.

Composition 1 Argumentative Research Essay Final Brutality Police work is dangerous. Sometimes police put in situations that excessive force is needed.

But, because some officers use these extreme measures in situations when it is not, police brutality occurs. I believe Police brutality needs to be addressed, because it.

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Police Brutality

Thesis statement on police brutality. Posted on 11th August 11th August by Eric Gilbert. Thesis statement for a research paper; Research papers on abortion; Getting the victim of the offense would provoke brutality.

Therefore, the police should exercise their forces in order to scare criminals. Police brutality is among the terms, when mentioned, would draw the attention of numerous people.

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Thesis statement on police brutality
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