Underlying causes of power struggle in marriage as gleaned from literature essay

There is little more frustrating than to argue your point and to feel it misunderstood. She began going out just to make a point. Remember, there are many different ways of viewing the same situation.

I asked her to write down her thought processes whereby a set of random facts and half truths he has cheated before; they are laughing together; he will do it again was built up into a cast-iron case.

The couple who fought over chores had had very different childhood experiences. But today such distinct dividing lines have become blurred, leading to an increasingly bitter struggle for power in the home. You might have heard it all before but try to understand why the situation has become so loaded.

Death of a parent The vivid reminder that we are not immortal makes us question what we actually want from life. Unchecked, squabbles can easily harden into stalemate.

Wanting to keep tabs on an unfaithful partner seems, on the face of it, quite justifiable. A useful prompt is: Reassure each other that peace and harmony is sweeter than any victory obtained through argument. Fifth, refuse to get into power struggles or arguments. Make an agreement that you are both going to change old patterns, allowing for minor slips to occur on the path to healthy relating.

With each step down on paper, Carrie could challenge her over-analysing and false logic. The third — and most common — response to a controlling partner is to become passive aggressive. When the baby arrives, so do new issues — from how long to leave him or her to cry, to going back to work and managing on a reduced income.

With everything out in the open, you are finally ready to look for a compromise. The aftermath of an affair is another flashpoint. Perhaps worse would be to have the person refuse to listen to you all together. There may be areas where both of you share control successfully.

Listen to what he is saying, assuring him that you can see the validity of his perspective. He knew if he left the washing on the bed for long enough, Hannah would crack and put it away.

He often feels that I am controlling as well, that he cannot disagree with me. A recent email illustrates the problem: Financial crisis Both partners become convinced their strategy is right with the lines divided between the saver and the spender.

Carrie, in her early 40s, discovered that Joe, who was ten years younger, had had an affair with a colleague. But a major event such as the birth of a baby can provoke a bigger crisis when couples may fight over their conflicting views on parenting.

The Power Struggle

However, this is an opportunity for both of you to grow. We, too feel relief and actually experience healing when our mate offers empathy.

Their fights occurred in the most common control battleground: Hannah and Adrian are a typical example, and split temporarily because their power clash reached an impasse. Take care, when taking a position, to not overwhelm your mate. When we hold rigidly to our point of view this leaves little room for the other to disagree or to simply see things from another angle.

He was actually very angry but rather than confront Hannah, he found sneaky ways to fight back.

Diffusing Power Struggles in Marriage

It had started to get personal, with Martha complaining that David got a bad deal last time round and David countering that Martha knew nothing about motors.

Top five triggers for a power struggle Babies Many couples fight about when is the best time to get pregnant — different priorities, career, broodiness and finances can all cause clashes.

Slow down the process, taking time to truly listen to each other, guarding against the temptation of preparing your counter-attack while either is talking. Behind nearly every power struggle is fear.

Likewise when your children hit their own milestones, such as the first day at school or coming of age, you take stock of your own life. Today the number of couples with control issues that I see in my practice has risen sharply — now one in three are in counselling because of power struggles.Power Struggles in Contemportary Literature essaysContemporary novels bring a new point of view to the actions and the lives in which the struggle, consciously or unconsciously, to dominate, plays a crucial role.

Because of the fact that life itself is a game of gaining power over another, these nov. causes and effects of early marriage on the girl-child in suba sub - county, western kenya monica anyango reuben reg. no: n69// a project paper submitted to the institute of anthropology.

Diffusing Power Struggles in Marriage,- Dr. David marriage help and advice. Empathy causes us to change our style, seeing and feeling the impact of what we’re doing to our mate. Literature can do power struggles too Lord of the Flies, A Very British Coup, House of Cards fiction can almost match reality when it comes to political intrigue Featuring the power.

This essay will discuss the playwrights' portrayal of the power struggle of women in terms of their conformity to the role as'' The Victorian Angel of the House'', their breaking free from a sense of entrapment, their treatment as objects. Underlying Causes of Power Struggle in Marriage as Gleaned from Literature Essay.

A. Pages:8 Words We will write a custom essay sample on Underlying Causes of Power Struggle in Marriage This rational freedom is at the core of the existentialist theory that is also among the larger causes of the power struggle occurring in a marriage.

Underlying causes of power struggle in marriage as gleaned from literature essay
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