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Some are maintained at a national level and contain samples from virtually entire national populations. In particular, educating tourists and prospects to understand the fragility of WHSs, and preparing them when it comes to the behavior at the sites, i.

Goals Support WHSs in online communication through extensive research, training, capacity building, sharing and dissemination of guidelines, best practices, and case studies.

Global Ethics Observatory International Declaration on Human Genetic Data Genetic research, in particular the sequencing of the human genome, has opened the way for far-reaching medical research and biomedical applications. Governments, non-governmental organizations, the intellectual community and society in general are calling for guidelines at the international level.

The IBC was well-placed to do so: Its scope touches and overlaps on the following fields: One of the major issues for site managers is the accomplishment of the delicate balance between visits and heritage conservation in order to preserve the World Heritage for future generations while providing access to visitors.

This Declaration and the Universal Declaration on the Human Genome and Human Rights are the only international points of reference in the field of bioethics. Please, follow this link for more info: As part of this consultation, a Public Hearings Day read the final report was held on 28 February in Monaco, and associations and institutions representing aboriginal groups, the handicapped, doctors and the private sector expressed their views.

Aware of the complexity and scale of research in genetics and the urgent need for international guidelines, the Director-General of UNESCO asked the IBC to examine the possibility of drafting an international instrument on human genetic data. Help the WHSs in developing and emerging countries to develop sustainably by training local stakeholders.

In this rapidly developing field, many people fear that human genetic data will be used for purposes contrary to human rights and freedom.

UNESCO calls for research proposals: Social media and youth radicalization in the digital age

The revised outline was then the object of international consultation. While sustainability may be considered from many different perspectives, here it is stressed that tourism should not at any circumstances damage the protected heritage and its conservation.

This concept goes then beyond political and geographic boundaries of nation-states: Furthermore, the chair attempts to facilitate the flow of best practices and state-of-the-art information among WHSs when it comes to online communication and presence. The World Heritage Convention, while acknowledging the responsibility of each respective country to manage their own WHSs, also emphasizes the concept of universality, meaning that this heritage belongs to the international community independently of the territory where it is located.

It was sent to Member States of UNESCO, intergovernmental organizations, non-governmental organizations, specialists, professional research associations and many other organizations.

Develop an interdisciplinary network of scholars active in the relevant fields. Ensure a deeper understanding and respect of cultural and natural richness of the sites amongst visitors and prospects at the global level. The number of genetic databanks is rising, with some containing more than a million records.

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Genetic data can be used for medical diagnosis, disease prevention and population genetics studies.Nov 10,  · Research and Development While the rate will vary, R&D is an important driver of economic growth. To seize this potential, governments need.

International Declaration on Human Genetic Data. Genetic research, in particular the sequencing of the human genome, has opened the way for far-reaching medical research and biomedical applications.

The Drafting Group elaborated a first outline of the text, which the IBC as a whole examined during its Ninth Session, in Montreal (Canada) in.

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Guidelines outline key issues and make suggestions for integrating OER into higher education. Their purpose UNESCO concerning the legal status of any country, territory, city or area or of its learning and research materials in any medium that reside in the public domain and have been released under an open licence that permits access.

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Easily share your publications and get them in. Draft annotated outline for the Report of the Secretary-General c. Research, monitoring and observations. UNESCO’s proposed outline for the. UNESCO Research Outline Morgan Michelle E.

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Unesco research outline
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